Trump Throws a Twitfit After Twitter Terminates Fake Tweeters

Twitter is cracking down on Russians and Bots and Alt Accounts.

Guess who is mad about it.

“My fake supporters are the greatest, and Twitter is taking down my Biggest Numbers, much bigger numbers than the Failing New York Times! Fake FaKe Accounts!”


Well done on title sir!


Bots are people too.

I couldn’t think of a T based synonym for “fake”. :frowning:

But you did sir; Trump

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And now he’s whining that this “bomb” stuff is happening and causing Republican voter turnout to slow:


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It’s not like the hideous shame of complicity might make people reconsider.

Notice he put “Bomb” in quotes. He’s going all in on the “false flag” conspiracy. I bet he goes all the way at his rally tonight.

Forget the bombs being sent to past presidents, I’m more important!!! Aaaargh!!! What a ■■■■■■■ idiot.

Yep, they have a specific meaning to his ignorant supporters.

For sure. He’s gone from “we need unity as a country - this has no place in America” to “fake bombs to hurt the MAGA train!!”

It’s going to be sad to read history about the words our sociopathic moron of a president wrote after a terrorist attack.

So far in the past week I have seen on this forum:

The tech companies conspired to crash the stock market to hurt Trump.

The bombs are a “false flag” and / or “hoax”, “coerced by liberals”

The president creating a conspiracy about his twitter account.


Doesn’t anyone remember reality? Can we go back there?

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This poor, dear man. Beset on all sides by the evil machinations of the left.