Trump threatens left wing violence when the Dems win the midterms (8-28-2018)

“It’s not a question of like or dislike, it’s a question that they will overturn everything that we’ve done and they will do it quickly and violently. And violently. There is violence. When you look at Antifa - these are violent people,” he said.

“Everything that we’ve have done”. LOL.

all because the house is run by Nancy pelosi.

LOL. That the biggest whopper yet.

The house dems will be powerless to get anything passed.

Now what they will do is call for investigations of Trump dealings as President.

Now that they will do.


He may be stupid about a lot of things but he’s really good at pushing the buttons that Republican media has cultivated for 30 years.

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Ironic. He’s warning that Democrats will do exactly what he did and indiscriminately reverse every policy of his predecessor.

and a very Merry Christmas to you too, CITM. :wink:



That’s a nice shiny dog whistle the president has there. smh

it’s not a dog whistle if everyone can hear it. Dog whistles are fake news.

If the rise of Antifa is a precursor to what lies ahead of our nation, Trump is absolutely correct. When Trump pointed out that there was another side present in Charlottesville, the left’s denial made it obvious that they condoned violence if it supported their beliefs. Maxine Waters blatantly called for people to get in the face of those they oppose and had to be toned down by her fellow libs because it was exposing their true beliefs. Trump may very well be prophetic in what he stated?


I wish someone would just knock the hell out of those people. Send them out on a stretcher. I’d pay their legal bills, honestly

See. It’s already working on the base.


White supremacists, and the people who protest white supremacists, are equally at fault for the violence at those rallies.


Care to explain?

They love that red meat raw and uncooked

You’re being disingenuous. Now as much as I think Auntie Maxine being a old kook, the one thing she was not doing is trying to incite violence. She was calling for opposition which is no different than the so-called tea party 10 years ago. It was no different than the blood oath GOP leaders took on inauguration day back in 2009 to make sure Obama was a one term president. So please stop this nonsense about her trying to stir up violent uprisings.

Antifa is Trump’s base? Who knew?

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so battery is now acceptable to the right?

fight fire with fire, so to speak.


It was more than that and if you’re in denial, that’s on you. Crazy lib rhetoric is inciting violence and Congressman Scalise was a victim of it.

and of course conservative rhetoric isn’t, right?

and its going to become worse when Nancy takes over as speaker of the house in January.

well that is the line trump is handing to us.


Now we’re getting somewhere and you’re admitting it. When I listen to political rhetoric, I don’t hear the level of negative, emotional content with in what’s being said coming from the right. Conservatives aren’t so mad, they’re yelling at the stars. The left has taken their rhetoric to a new height and there’s no question about it.

For the love of… do you guys ever look at current events and compare them to something other than let’s say the Nazis. That’s the only history you guys seem to know. Right wing violence and left wing terrorism has been around for decades.

They blew up buildings and killed people for Ted sakes and yet here you are talking about it the rise of ANYIFA as something anything to blame the left for violence.