Trump threatens allies over 2026 World Cup bid

Trump just tweeted a warning to our allies that they better not undermine (vote against) the joint US/Canada/Mexico bid to host the 2026World Cup.

Voting for the tournament will be conducted on June 13 and while the North American bid was at one time the front runner Morocco is expected to end up the host country.

Very much in keeping with the spirit of the World Cup. Trump the diplomat wows us again.

so Trump want to spend tens of billion to build stadium for a single event?

Why do you care?

Do you pay taxes in the U.S.?

So Trump wants to spend tends of billions of to build a stadium for a single event? I pay taxes in the US.

This guy really is just the dumbest president I’ve ever seen. I mean this guy is improving the legend of Dan Quayle (yes, i know he was a vice pres. So spare me the nitpicking) by leaps and bounds when it comes to White House stupidity. What kind of low functioning moron wants to start an international pissing match over a soccer tournament? Obviously this dumb ■■■■.

“Why do we support these countries when they don’t support us? Believe me, it’s just like the way I supported that porn star, who by the way only helped with a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of my extra-marital needs. And does she support me now? I mean, come on, people.”

(frantic whispering from lawyer)

"Can I just say I never knew anything about paying off any porn star? I mean hey, who really knows what lawyers do when you’re not looking. Am I right? I’m so right. I was saying this very same thing to my friends over in Russia that day when - "

(more frantic whispering)

“Just remember, it’s all fake news. Fake news, folks. Tune in to Fox & Friends tomorrow, I’ll be calling in and it’s going to be tremendous, just tremendous.”


It’s a joint US/Canada/Mexico bid meaning Canada would be paying for it too

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so Trump want to spend tens of billion to build stadium for a single event?

I couldn’t care less if our allies supported our bid for a waste of money, corrupt, FIFA event. What’s important is they provide support on things that actually matter. You’d think the President would too. Nope.

“The U.S. has put together a STRONG bid w/ Canada & Mexico for the 2026 World Cup…”

-Donald Trump


If he can put his name on it, yes.

snicker FIFA points out ethics rule that forbids political influence in bidding process.

Sounds like FIFI needs to follow its own rules.

From your link:

FIFA has its own history of scandal. It is facing criminal investigations into the bidding process and allocation of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments in Russia and Qatar, respectively.

You are mistaken if you think I think FIFA is some benevolent group. But that does not mean they should allow a country’s leader to further taint the process through extortion

“FIFA’s bad behavior justifies Trump’s bad behavior.” --The Party Formerly Known as the Party of Personal Responsibility

Could you please source this quote?

Sure. “Sounds like FIFI needs to follow its own rules.” --markdido

You can’t be serious

Did I make that statement?

Do you know what quotation marks mean?