Trump threaten to pull federal funding to California because of the forest fires

Trump in his insanely is suggesting the government of California is to blame for these fires.

It’s like Trump is on the side of the fire.


He hates CA that much, even after 9 deaths and almost 10K structures destroyed…what a pile of ■■■■■

why pull it? deliver it next to a burning tree…

Just when you think he can’t sink any lower……………

The President 100% wrote this tweet.

I mean that is totally the narrative voice of the President that we all know and love.


Trump is only president of a small portion of the country- the rural gullible rubes who voted for him. A loud minority. He’s not the president of the vast majority of the country. No need to listen to him, just focus on removing him.

The President is a deplorable human being.

Many of his supporters find that attractive.

You would think that the people who write his speeches and occasional tweets would try a little harder to make their verbiage seem a bit closer to what Trump would actually say.

The difference between the two styles is so dramatic, you’d almost think that people on the inside are purposely making it clear that this nice thought or sentiment was not actually Trump’s.

Definitely makes it easier to conclude that Trump is a worthless piece of garbage without a single redeeming quality. Says a lot about those who support him.

Countdown to Kellyanne Conway’s eventual guaranteed divorce. Love to be a fly on the wall for pillow talk between her and her clear-thinking husband!

Trump’s a turd of the highest order. Need I say more?

Sadly, as long as Trump occupies the White House, this will be the norm. Everyone remember to vote in 2020 - let’s send this clown packing


^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is why Trump will be elected again in 2020 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The absolute arrogance and unpatriotic view of the left today is the most vitriolic mentality I’ve ever witnessed. This IS the division of our country on display. It started with “deplorable” and has now graduated to being being borderline traitorous. If this represents you, you should be ashamed…if you have any?

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You must be joking. He just list Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. The old sane fool me once .

Oh please. How many threads have been made on this board for the explicit purpose of bashing a state like Alabama or Missouri, or the Dakotas? How many are made to bash California every week?

Nobody cares about the rural states, but they can’t seem to get the name of coastal states out of their mouths. Let’s not forget which side started the “real American” meme which somehow excludes the majority of the population of this nation.


And we don’t need to be told. We’re all well aware that Trump will get plenty of votes in 2020 from people who cannot shut up about how offended they are that California or NY, or any city with a sizable population continues to exist, every day.

In all of those threads, do you hear the vitriol as what I just singled out? I’m not discrediting disagreement. I’m pointing out the level of disagreement and the blatant disrespect of fellow Americans that has permeated the left’s viewpoint. We can agree to disagree but what’s on display right now from the left is unAmerican and what took place at Tucker Carlson’s house is the perfect example.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Goes to show what the deplorables really are…and will always be. They have found their god in tiny trump…