Trump thinks the kentucky derby dq is political correctness

He damn near caused a potentially deadly pile up. It’s a necessary rule and flexibility is not an option. No matter how much the president whines.

What’s his point anyhow? Is he just trying to get people riled up for his own entertainment?


My dad bred thoroughbreds and I’ve been going to the track since I was a little kid and I agree with you completely.

Trump has time for this but not time to work on Trumpcare.

Or the emergency on the southern border.
Instead of hundreds of tweets and retweets about how aggrieved he is, he could be laying out the facts about where the wall should be built, why it needs to be built there, how much those sections will cost, and the specific plans and timelines to build them.
But the Kentuky Derby is more important.

How embarrasing for you!


Nailed it.

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A quoted tweet that was deleted is embarrassing for the one who quoted it?


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Swing and a miss there Sparky. Re-read Lucy’s comment. Notice anything wrong?

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Ahh, now I smell what your cooking.

Well done. I’m gonna give you a heart for that.

But just to play devil’s advocate he could probably come back here and say he never spelled that word wrong, like Trump saying Tim Apple. Just saying.

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I am definitely not voting for the Kentucky derby for the 2020 election

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I’m sure Lucy just made a typo, just as Trump probably did too.

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It’s Festivus (minus the feats of strength of course) every day for Trump.

Only problem with that is Trump voiced those words not typed them. Then when called to his attention he insisted he didnt despite video and audio proving it. There was no reason to lie and deny such a little thing like that.

All he had to do was say he misspoke but nope cant do that. It’s why those that lambast him. How can they believe anything he says when he cant even admit something as a simple misspeak.

It was in a tweet.

It was the incorrect spelling of Kentucky that Lucy was hyperventilating over

I was talking about the apple thing.

Sorry, what apple thing?
I was only commenting on Lucy’s comment about Trump mis-spelling Kentucky.

When he called Tim Cook of the Apple Corp, Tim Apple.


Any horse displaying liberal tendencies should be put down. For the good of the nation.


Genius can’t be concerned with the petty worries of the hoi polloi. It’s said Einstein used to walk outside of his house naked to get the morning paper. Donald spells a word wrong now and then, and the lib mob loses their minds. All the while failing to recognize his inherent genius.