Trump thinks the kentucky derby dq is political correctness

Lol. Guess we can add horse racing to trumps vast knowledge base.

As a horse racing expert of 44 years, the dq was completely justified.

Just another thing trump is wrong about.


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How the ■■■■ is that political correctness?


I will never understand how people can be proud of him.

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Whiner-in-Cheif can’t even spell Kentucky. So embarrassing for him.

He need to learn to stay in his lane. No need to comment on stuff you have no knowledge/expertise unless you’re asking questions or trying to learn.

Horse race officiating is now a victim of political correctness.

And people balk when I say that the right does identity politics.


No one likes rules or refs deciding premiere sporting events, but it happens. This one is extra whiny because of all the people who gamble on it.

As for a Trump, he is just an idiot.

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Trump is upset because, unlike Presidential elections, the Kentucky Derby has meaningful oversight.


He was probably right that “The best horse” didn’t win-but that’s not really the point. The point is that even if the horse is “the best” the rider still has to follow the rules, and has to make sure the horse follows the rules.

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Honestly who cares, the whole sport should be put down IMO, not just horses they abuse.


Trump is the LAST person that should be complaining about the second place finisher being declared the winner.


Donald has a deep and abiding empathy for all creatures that suffer under a rigged system. It was only through the grace of God that he himself survived the satanic DNC machinations and rose to become our most Glorious Leader. Donald is the champion for all creatures who labor under very very unfair and very very mean systems! :us:

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Big Al obviously the racing rules are different in the USA to Australia. In Australia if the jockey of Country House had protested against Maximum Security the protest would have been dismissed very quickly. If the jockey on War of Will had protested, that protest would also have been dismissed. In Australia the stewards have to take into account whether without the interference would the result have been different and from watching the race the answer to that question would have been no the result would not have been different.

The jockey of Maximum Security may have received a significant fine and suspension depending on whether the stewards deemed it a deliberate action or not.


What a ■■■■■■■ moron, everything has to be about him. Fat donald needs to stop sniffing the Adderall.


Every day a grievance.

No one gives a ■■■■ what he thinks about the KD results. He just wants to be the center of attention every single hour of the day.


His life motto is win at any cost. Doesnt matter if you cheat or rules to break to win is life and hes shown it.

I didn’t realize trump had a horse in this race.


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Of all the straight white males in America, none is more vilified and persecuted than our poor POTUS. Yet selflessly he goes right on fighting for Real Americans, never once asking for even a single thank you.

What a man. :us:

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