Trump Tells Us His Reasons For Acting "Don't Matter"

So: Precedence


Yeah, foreign leaders have no interest in, or knowledge of American politics.

They never make decisions based on who they think will be in power in the near future.

There goes the putin conspiracy out the window btw.

Why the ■■■■ invent some imminent threat then?

This could have started an all out war if things had gone wrong. Had it done so and the stated reason for the strike was revealed to be essentially made up, how would that have played out?

Trump doesn’t owe libs any explanation at all.

Then why lie about the rationale in the first place? Why give a reason at all?

Whole thing has been ■■■■■■■ bizarre.

How do you know he lied?

They do all the time. That doesn’t actually dispute that your post was try to correlate rather than casually relate. Keep trying though.

It’s almost like he’s viewed as a King.

I am glad to see the probing to reveal sources and methods shut down.

The important issue is that we keep our regional intel in place.

Go ahead and call the Orange man the meanest things you can post.


The first attack that killed an American was the beginning of a growing threat to the United States. Trump took it a notch higher and attacked a terrorist group with in Iraq that had Iranian ties…as retaliation. This terrorist group then took to storming the US embassy and would have destroyed it and all inside, if they were given enough time? Trump then took it even higher and killed the number 2 man in Iran. At this point, the terrorists have another choice…continue the escalation or…understand that it’s a no win situation and stop. They chose to make a fake attack to save face but in reality…they chose to stop. Had Trump not retaliated so decisively…does anyone actually believe Iran wouldn’t have continued to escalate their terrorist agenda? Trump fought their violence with even more severe violence and that…they fully understood.

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12-15 “Christmas Gift” promised by north korea
12-18 Impeachment
12-27 U.S. contractor killed in rocket attacks in Kirkuk.
12-31 iranian backed protestors storm embassy is baghdad
12-31 north korea threatens to resume nuke testing

I’ve got enough evidence to make a conclusion.

Deflection. Those two clowns have nothing to do with the topic at hand: which is whether we hold the Presidency to a standard of providing coherent and credible explanations of their policies.

So you believe the Preident is not accountable to the people.

Applying that standard, I hope you never said anything critical about Barack Obama.

When a person provides three different and contradictory versions of the same event, isn’t at least one of them a lie?

So you don’t care about whether there is any chance of succeeding, you just like to see the military make loud noises?

But the post I responded to was somehow relevant??

That was your post btw.

Yes it was my post and nowhere in my post was there any discussion fo the two people you chose to put front and center. That’s a deflection and that’s why I called it such.

Call of deflection fault noted.

Sources and methods still secure.

Please carry on!


You were assigning blame to

So I countered with moore and mcgowan.

My post was just as relevant as yours.