Trump Tells Lies

on a regular basis trump lies or misleads.

given that Trump is a liar,

who can we trust to tell the truth?

You can always trust me.

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ok I will for sure

And in return, I will try to learn to trust you.

why is it that we pretend Trump is the only liar, when all news outlets promote false narratives?

Your claim that we pretend Trump is the only liar just might be a false narrative.


Trump is not the only liar in the United States. The problem is, he lies about stuff that is easy to discredit (i.e. - there were more people at my inauguration than Obama’s - you can take an aerial view of the crowd and pretty easily discredit that).

That said, there are plenty of other politicians that lie. Some of them just know how to do it better than others…

Trump is a proven, unrepentant liar, so yes - we cannot trust him.

You trust those who consistently demonstrate their trustworthiness.

Everyone lies.

The President lies constantly for no reason.

He is untrustworthy.

Although I care…he lies about stuff I don’t care about. A good example would be, I don’t give a ■■■■ about crowd sizes. I don’t care if he had two scoops of ice cream. The flip side is though, Trump tells the truth about the things I do care about. When Trump said he’d move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, he was the only President who made the promise…and did NOT LIE. When he said he’d lower taxes…he did it. When he said he’d attempt to tackle the illegal immigration problem, he’s doing so even though many on both sides of the aisle are fighting him. When he said, he’d directly address the NK problem, he did so…head on. These are things “we” care about and why he got elected. He has told the truth regarding campaign promises more than any President I can remember. Does that count? Nope…many would rather have a liar in office that hides the truth and can’t be discovered on major, major things. Although I’d rather have someone always tell me the truth, Trump is the most truthful because he wears himself on his sleeve. What you see is what you get.

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Speaking of North Korea - it looks like there may be trouble in paradise:

Who pretends that Trump is the only one that lies?

He lied about how far he got with North Korea…as we are finding out.

He lied about what he got NATO to “pony up”.

He lied about jobs he “created” for Indiana.

He lied about the makeup of the caravan to gin up fear before the election.

So he lies about the important things as well as the “unimportant things”.

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I hope it all works out well but…Trump has to show the world, he’s not playing games and he’s not Kim’s boy toy as was suggested by many news organizations. Shep Smith of Fox News stated we gave him everything and got nothing. I wonder if Shep will report this positively or negatively?

Well, Trump certainly didn’t help himself when he started talking about his love affair with Kim. That’s certainly not going to help his message on “toughness.”

Trump is applying pressure to continue the path of denuclearization but outwardly gave him credit for starting the process…ok.

Trump is directly addressing NATO and how committed they are of which…no other President has done.

What lie did he tell about the “makeup of the caravan”? Are you under the impression that they are mostly women and children? What lie is he telling? I believe he will send the army to assist the border patrol…is that a lie?

The truth is…many do not want Trump to be right because then they would be wrong? Are you one of those people?

I think it’s a strategy that I don’t know will work but…Trump is providing encouragement to continue on with the deal by making it appear to the whole world that the leader of NK and the US are tight…while at the same time, behind the scenes he’s kicking him in the ass to continue. Either way, can we both agree that it’s more than any President has done before him during the last 5 decades?

Trump did nothing and got nothing. He got played. The only ones Trump beats are insecure suckers like you that follow him and get nothing in return but warm fuzzies about white men in positions of power.


…and you are very bitter about being a political loser.


when do we say other people lie than trump?