Trump Tax Raid (11-29-2018)

I am sure this is just a coinky-dink.


Are you trying to say it’s related to Trump?

If so why?

Probably not related to Trump.

Not yet anyway.

From the article

“Burke’s law firm of Klafter & Burke has worked with Trump’s companies repeatedly to reduce the property tax that Trump Tower and his other properties in Chicago have had to pay, according to the Sun-Times.”

“Over his 12 years working for Trump, Burke was allegedly able to cut the property taxes on the downtown tower by more than $14 million.”

12 years of tax fraud?


So you’re implying that the raid has something to do with Trump restate taxes?

In any case, years and years of tax fraud is only a process crime. Yawn. No collusion. No puppet. You’re the collusion.


I’m skeptical of it being Trump related as well. This is not Burke’s first rodeo with something like this. Or 2nd, or 4th. I believe this is number 5.

Multiple locations. This and the Deutsche bank raids don’t seem to be coincidences, but I guess we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

No. A process crime is a crime related to the investigation of another crime, like perjury, making false statement, and misprision. Tax fraud is a “real” crime.

Sorry. I was being ironic. :slight_smile:

Accidental Poe incident.

Maybe not…but since we are here might as well grab em :joy:

Wouldn’t that be state tax jurisdiction, and not the FBI?

Just saying. I don’t know of anyplace that has a federal property tax.

I am sure that 14,000,000 appears somewhere on his federal tax forms over the years.


Ehhh, there are ways it could be a federal issue. Like Trump pays property tax, deducts it on his federal return, subsequently gets property tax relief, and fails to file amended federal income tax.

I doubt that’s it, though. Burke is enough of a ■■■■ heel that there are plenty of other reasons for turning his office into a grocery-bag wrapped Christmas present.

The timing, along with Deutche Bank sure makes one go hmmmmm, though.

And how is it a violation of Federal law? Please and thank you.

Typically if you overpay (or as many here do) appeal the assment after it’s paid, the counties issues a refund. If it was deducted from taxes previously, it counts as income when the refund is issued. So if anything it would be a failure to apply it to the current years income.

There you have it, then. That’s how it could be a federal issue.

But, that’s not it in all likelihood.

Who knows, though? They could just be looking for data on Trump to cross-tab to the other Himalayan sized mountains of â– â– â– â–  they already have. And this guy just might have some data that interests them.

Time will tell.

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Given the Happy meal that we received today, I am willing to forgo this dessert.

Everyone keeps forgetting this guy, Allen Weisselberg.

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But that’s not the fault of Trump but accounting system. Now they doesn’t mean Trump isn’t liable for difference…it’s just that he done nothing illegal.

Remember people hire attorneys and accountants to keep themselves out of trouble. They’re not liable for illegal activity of those accountants and attorneys.