Trump tax or loan fraud?

prop ublica has obtained some documents trump used to appeal his property taxes on some of his new york real estate. It appears to show trump using 2 sets of numbers, one for the tax guy and one for his lenders.

for example on one building his property tax docs show he paid 744k in property insurance while his loan docs show 457k

another example was him claiming the occupancy rate of a building rose from 59% to 95% in a few years according to loan docs. lenders like to see rapidly rising occupancy rates and will make larger loans at lower rates if this is happening. the only problem is at the same time he told his lenders occupancy was 59% he told the tax office it was 81%

pro publica got the loan records when his lender sold the loan as part of a mortgage backed security
the tax docs they got from a freedom on information filing

He’s such a liar it’s both tax fraud and loan fraud. You know both sets of numbers are fraudulent. He has never had morals or shame.

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It comes as no surprise to anyone. Trumpists simply won’t care.


11th dimensional â– â– â– â–  right there!

Keeping 2 sets of books isn’t allowed, right?

Both sides/Orangeman bad/Eat your Trump peas are cool.


Is anyone surprised?

He is a conman, a fraud and a cheat.

His supporters and people who claim to totally not support him won’t care.

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Trump lied on those forms because he’s smart! MAGA!

All they care about is that they got their big beautiful wall, paid for by Mexico.

PROMISE KEPT :ru::ukraine::tr::north_korea:

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The real story here should be how did Propublica get those documents! Even if Donald Trump committed tax or loan fraud, that’s really nobody’s business but his own. Unless we’re willing to prosecute known criminals, like Hillary Clinton, then I don’t want to hear anything about how we have evidence that Donald Trump is committing crimes. Whoever leaked these documents could be prosecuted for treason. Presidential Harassment!


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If what Trump did was illegal, those hurt can take him to court and I would hope they do. Illegal activity should be prosecuted…period…and it doesn’t matter who you are.

I wouldn’t guess it’s illegal though? There’s often a difference of opinions on values. At any auction, the last person with their hand in the air, gets the item. All those who put their hands back down after the price hit a certain point, say the buyer is wrong. Whose opinion is right or wrong and yet, they can vary greatly?

This is fraud.

What we are talking about is the President of the United States committing fraud.

That is what we used to consider a bad thing in this country… worthy of jail time.

Not a mealy mouthed… well he can pay back those he wronged.

He committed fraud.

Full Stop.


Might want to check what happened to Paul Manafort. He did the same things.

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this isnt a matter of value
this is him stating one actual number to the tax office one thing and to his banks something else.
telling the tax office you paid 744k and the bank 457 k is not a difference in value. its fraud


If this information is correct, the documents could be a case for tax evasion. Unless he can show he defrauded the lender, which could also be illegal.

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Allow me to repeat myself for those hard of hearing, if what the President did was illegal, he should be punished the same as you or I would be.

Or tax evasion depending on which number is correct.

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