Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


Not the same thing at all. You want to give to your state while denying the nation. Taxes are not children nor houses.

Mortgages and dependents are choices, taxes are not.


Why should I pay for your mortgage interest?


Neither of which has anything to do with SALT deductions from federal taxes.

There is one United States. Stop whining and pay your share.


Thats an irrelevant distinction. All 3 of those scenarios only affect you through federal tax deductions. This is more an argument you are making about not liking big government, than anything else.


You don’t. I do.


Mortgage interest is a different matter. Obviously, the fed tax laws are and always have been a mixture of special interests. My special interest is not to carry the weight for high tax states.

Or…the short answer is you don’t. I paid cash for my house.


Of course it does. With a limit, costs of living and relative purchasing power are not taken into account. Dollars are only dollars relative to what you can purchase in a particular location.


No, it’s an argument about you loving it but not wanting to pay for it.


Right. So this is really just us arguing about our own special interests. You have yours, I have mine. We live in a republic where votes make policy according to their own interests. It isnt some generic argument about state vs federal taxes


What on earth are you deflecting about now? You can deduct $10k SALT from your centgov taxes. Just like I can.


Did you take into account the new higher standard deduction?


For me losing the personal exemption ALONE would have been bad enough. Losing that and having the SALT deductible limited screwed me this year.

Last year I got a 5k federal… this year I owe 900. Luckily my state refund makes up for it.


10k is the new limit per the tax bill passed by GOP


No, it’s about you not wanting to fund the republic.


Arent you of the opinion that taxation is theft? Why should I “fund the republic”?


Why? The personal was $4k. The standard exemption went up $6k.


Taxation to fund Constitutionally delegated powers is a necessary evil. Outside of that, yes it is theft.

Because you demand it’s imposition upon me.


Again why punish them?


So they shouldn’t be upset about the high taxes that are suddenly unmasked? Why should federal taxes subsidize the higher state tax rate?


Because BOTH people are being treated the same under the tax code (10% rate) where if the rates are different, one is being punished with a higher percentage of income being taken away.