Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


Round and round we go


False. Federal taxes are federal. You are paying less federal taxes.


No, it’s not. It’s like saying you were happy and even bragging about stupidly high state taxes as long as you could get out of paying your fair share to the central government despite your demands that it run every aspect of our lives.

And now what will happen. You will vote for dems who will raise your federal taxes and not give you back your state cheat.

You have exactly the same federal tax law as everybody else in this country and you got a cut. If you’re paying more, look at your state.


You also forgot that parents should love the new tax reform. Before it was a credit off your taxable income. Now it’s a refundable credit against taxes owed.


If the percentage is the same for someone who makes 50k as the person who makes 150k . . . I don’t see an issue. However if the person who makes 50K pays 10% and the person who makes 150k pays 22% I find that punishing those who work hard and are successful.


In your first example if they both pay 10%, isn’t the higher earner paying $10,000 more in taxes than the lower earning person? Why? Isn’t he being punished for earning more?


You don’t need to back up “claims” that if there are five people available to do a job they can demand less for their wages than if there is only one person to do a job.


And the mortgage payments go to the bank. Would you be using this same argument if the mortgage interest deduction got taken away? That mortgage payments dont go to the federal government?


Yes. I took econ 101. But you havent backed up your claim that stagnant wage growth for the low and middle class is effected by immigration in a statistically significant way. Here’s another macroeconomic lesson - the more wealth and resources that are contained to a few, the less competition exists and the more power those few have to set prices, which include pricing in the labor markets.


Is your state charging you outrageous mortgage rates so they can use the money to virtue signal by paying for the mortgages of people who don’t have a job?

No, my mortgage payments don’t go to the central government, they go to a private financial institution that loaned me the money.


You missed the point. Why be so hyperfocused on “government”? Why are state tax payment deductions less meaningful to a tax payer than mortgage interest rate deductions?

And why is it always poor people stealing your money to conservatives? Wersnt conservatives just complaining that most people pay very little in taxes, minus the top 20%?

It looks like what you are really doing is just disagreeing with what some states spend tax revenue on. Thats a completely separate topic from whether or not people could be upset about a federal deduction for state tax payments being taken away.


I compared the 2017 tax table to the 2018 tax table for the EXACT same amount of my income. For 2018 my tax is higher than 2017. Nothing has changed from the previous year when it came to income.


What do you mean “why be so focused on government”?

I don’t care what your state spends on. They weren’t taken away. You get exactly the same SALT deduction I do.


Your arguments about taxes seem to focus solely on a semantical/classification of state vs federal which isnt relevant to whether not tax payers should be upset if federal deductions that offset state taxes get removed.


It is hardly semantical.

Why should you get to “offset” your state taxes by denying the nation your fair share? All while you demand centgov imposition on everybody.

You get the exact same central government deduction for SALT I do. Fair.


Do you believe in a strong central government?


“Denying the nation your fair share”. Is that what this is really about? Is a mortgage interest rate, or dependent deduction “denying your fair share”?


In some ways yes, others no


Your state can tax you all it wants. Don’t expect me to want to pay for it by carrying an increased share of Federal Taxes.
If you don’t like your state income tax, you need to contact your state politicians.


Not in terms of cost of living and relative purchasing power