Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


Why should rich people have to pay more tax dollars to the govt than poor people, under your plan?


With all the changes that were passed, remember it was mid December of 2017, there would be no feasible way for it to be retroactive for the year. Had it been passeed earlier in the year it would have been possible. but not with 10 days left in the year. So the only way it could go into effect was for the 2018 tax year. Had it been minor changes it could have been retroactive.


But yet they probably won’t do anything to their state politicians for having the high taxes will they?


The Rich are taxed too much, tax the poor instead! Awfully Feudal of you.

I mean, if you really don’t want to ever win elections again that’s absolutely fine by me. Keep pushing that harder.


This is true only if you ignore all other taxes and consider only the federal income tax.

Which is extremely narrow minded.


First of all, don’t confuse working hard and making more money.

Second, why shouldn’t the wealthier pay a higher rate?


Depends on whether or not their state taxes increased since Trump


If you are worried about the wage leverage of the bottom 20%, what do you think immigration of low skilled workers has done to that?


Nothing. But I do understand illegal mexican immigrants are the new scapegoat


Then that would be a stupid problem, not a tax law program. I, however, don’t think most people are stupid enough to not know the difference between how much they pay in taxes for the year and what their refund is.
From headlines on the likes of CNN and Yahoo “News”, the MSM hopes they are that stupid, though.


Right. A surge of low skilled workers will have no effect on the wage leverage of low skilled workers. How could it?


Its not a “surge” and you’ve done nothing to back up your claims.


Very little.


Irrelevant. Talk to your state representatives.


Its not irrelevant to the conversation taking place in this thread, namely how the elimination of some federal deductions is causing some tax payers to pay more in taxes


Why? If your state taxes are too high now, they were too high then. All that altruism comes at a price.

You guys remind me of a bunch of recent college graduates learning about real costs for the first time in your lives.


That’s not possible.


False. If a federal tax policy takes away a deduction, that new policy is responsible for the increase in taxes you pay.


Not in federal taxes. Which are different than state taxes.


Huh? Thats like saying people shouldnt blame a tax policy if a new policy removes mortgage and dependent deductions.