Trump takes second whack at Fox News

Is the honeymoon over? Trump took another shot at Fox News today. He thought Fox was only loyal to him and was not allowed to interview or give a platform to any Dem. Between this and the Mueller report tomorrow those lil twitter fingers will be on fire

Fox News is cheating on him with a Prostitute. Seems like karma is really a bitch! :joy:


If what Trump is saying is true, that Trump supporters were intentionally not allowed into the venue and that only Bernie Sanders supporters were allowed in, then I understand completely where he’s coming from. For too long Fox News has been a bastion of liberalism and pundits with TDS. The only reason they had record ratings is because it was known that Trump watches their programs. That is obviously over now. There are other channels Donald Trump can watch in the morning during his Executive Time.


Next fox will be fake news

Trump doesn’t understand that a lot of Trump supporters were also Bernie supporters.

Hilarious!! :rofl:

If Trump doesn’t watch Fox News, what will he watch? :rofl:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He’ll whip them into shape.

That’s how it works in Trump world. Fall into line, or “You’re Fired!!”

At least, until he runs out of suckups who realize that it’s always, and always will be, ALL about him.