Trump Swamp Continues to Overflow

When one grows to to ripe age, childish thought should be left behind.

The Swamp is cool.

can you imagine what would happen if pelosi did teh same thing??? the CEC would go nuts. they would have their sheeple storming teh capitol

You would think so but then again they lied to everyone about Russian collusion. But you and I are smarter then that we don’t fall for the fake news!:grin:

Or guns…

Republicans support the swamp.

The criminals do.

Yeah, you and I are smarter. Sure.

Dude, I’m seriously getting sick of waiting. You’ve been promising a payoff for like a year and you’ve got nothing. Sorry. I can’t be strung along any more. I waited patiently. I hoped. I wished. And here I still stand empty handed. Sadly I have to accept that your promises are vacant. And how I truly hoped there would be an Obama perp walk.

No Obama perp walk and no swamp draining. Holding your breath is risky business these days.

Don’t give up, those Obama traitors will pay for their crimes.

What the hell happened to the DECLAS & mass arrests? We’re still waiting!

Yes, Trump and his organized crime family will pay for their crimes

How is this not unexpected? If you decide to appoint the spouse of a prominent congressman to a position in which they could be perceived as funneling millions of dollars to the congressman’s district, you’ll be scrutinized. Rightfully so. This is a conflict of interest.

Here are the BUILD and INFRA grants from 2018. BUILD grants are pretty high when compared to much larger states.

Moral of the story, when you make a blatant conflict of interest, expect to be under a microscope.

Except republicans don’t care.

Oh they would. If the initial after the names was anything other than “R.”

Do you think Obama and his Deepstate traitors have suffered enough? if not we should wait a little longer.

Let me guess, Russian collusion, next you’re going to tell me something silly like Putin came up with the slogan Make America Great Again.:rofl:

He’s a crook. He’s a liar. He’s a con man. Republicans adore him.

McCain sure did! :rofl: