Trump supports communism

Hong Kong wants democracy…and mainland China doesnt. They want a powerful state control over everything.
Now I was under the belief trump supporters where for freedom and all that good stuff.

I wonder what side they will fall under…oh I know…they will support trump…

Eleventy dimensional diplomacy. Donald dazzled the North Koreans, time to turn that mega-watt charm and business acumen on the ChiComs.


Supporting China over Hong Kong, bold move Trump.

Listening to the. Nytimes podcast it’s funny how much trumps supporters have in common with mainstream land China folks

Hahahahahaha. Oh no. He’s bored again and doesn’t have anybody to talk to.

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The man is in so far over his head on the world stage it’s pathetic.

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biden and other dimocrats say they know how to deal with foreign leaders and that they are all hoping trump is defeated.

Maybe hunter biden can broker a deal with his chinese financiers.

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Bizarre tone. Didn’t have to use Twitter. Seems he could have had a buddy deliver a note during health class.


We no longer advocate for democracy, just a “humane” ending.


It’s interesting how the hardliners against Russia are now ok with them. The hardliners against communism voted in someone who supports it and doesnt back the people for freedom. Its interesting how full if ■■■■ they are


A lot of folks are deeply emotionally invested in the cult of personality. The constant reversal of positions highlights the utter lack of ideological or even intellectual rigor.


Its really so obvious that Trump is flattering Xi to try to get him to NOT invade Hong Kong…and yet these people twist the story to pretend Trump is supporting Xi above Hong Kong.
Fact is, we have no power and no basis to do anything substantive to stop Xi.

“Clinton’s assessment of Xi Jinping, the tough-minded president of China, was far more flattering. In a June 2013 speech to Goldman Sachs, Clinton praised Xi as a “more sophisticated, more effective public leader” than his predecessor, Hu Jintao. She noted that Xi had brought to heel the corrupt and nationalistic Chinese military, a development she hailed as “good news” because the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA, as it is known, had grown too powerful and aggressive under Hu. “The biggest supporters of a provocative North Korea has been the PLA,” she noted.”

Anybody remember the Dems blasting Hillary for that?

The fact you think this is reasonable is embarrassing.


Instead of the usual deflection whats your opinion on this? Is he right or wrong

I remember Tiananmen Square and have seen how china has risen since. I say let the chinese deal with it however they choose to.

Let it play out for the worse if it has to, and broadcast it to the world. (until they kill all of the journalists anyway) At that point, pull everything out of china and dare any dimocrats or tech companies to say boo about it.

Everybody wins.

What would you do??

Care to guess why Trump will never do that?

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Trump IS a communist.

It’s real but at least he spreads the money around

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