Trump Supporters Spend Weekend Clogging America’s Highways

At least these people were smart enough to do it in their cars instead of standing out in front of traffic just daring to be run over.


They won’t have a reason to do any of this ina few days. Let them get their jollies one last time.

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No, they just drove their cars.

Trump. Must. Go!!!


Can I have a big, virtual hug…after Trump wins the election? :sunglasses:

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I don’t recall voicing an opinion one way or the other in any threads about any such actions by “the left”. I’ll put you down as giving it your approval, though.

You do know of the new leftist rule right? Silence means you approve.


Silence is violence.

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If it happens 200 more times I will take it serious and they will be on par, I would imagine it’s a one off. God help us all if the ideological right starts acting like the left after the election.

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So, all I have to do is belch and fart in front of them to show I’m not violent.

There will probably be another event like these on Wednesday.

He’s lying.


Another Jussie?


I saw reported Democratic Congresswoman AOC called a bunch of Trump supporters in NYC peacefully assembling a derogatory name today. Despite her outcry traffic on a couple major bridges were jammed packed in support of Trump. Check it out:

Please feel free to share other gatherings in your neck of the woods too.


She called some Trump supporters “chumps”?
What a potty-mouth on that woman.

“Pile up of chumps”…lol. I like it…Has a nice ring to it. And a its funny when Trump supporters act offended when derogatory names are used to describe them…Thats Trumps go to tactic, and his followers love him for it.

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Very different treatment for this group

That won’t be rec’d well across the state.

Peaceably assembling? They blocked traffic, which of course is against the law.

Let’s call it for what it is.

Civil disobedience.