Trump this for our President please

Trump supporters are the key to stopping the damage this presidency is doing to our domestic and foreign agenda.

The only thing Trump cares about is approve and adoration. So please, please, send him a message that poor nominations, abuses like what we are seeing at the EPA, lying, the attitudes of Mulvany, and so many other things are not acceptable!

You guys have been saying for years that character, honest, integrity and hard work are things that matter in america - so come on…if you want that t be true you have to step up and hold your man accountable. As long as trump is getting 35-45% approvals, he’s going to keep on being a liar who doesn’t do the work. And that is gonna kill america.

Congressional GOPers are’t going to convince him to do the job right - only you can.


No dice,the “establishment” hasn’t learned it’s lesson yet.

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Loading up the government with corrupt and ineffective fools is a weird way to teach the establishment a lesson.

no way Trump voters do this. i’ve told you guys what they’re really like.

yep, they love the swamp as long as swamp creatures have an R next to the name. It’s just like The Shape of Water, they make love to their swamp creatures while America is being flooded below them.

How is loading up his administration with corrupt, incompetent people…many of whom are from that very “establishment” against which people rail…teaching “the establishment” a lesson?

Or were you being sarcastic?

doesn’t do the work? Seriously? He’s done more in his time in office to actually help real people, victims, the unemployed, working toward ending human/child trafficking, Korea, out of that stupid Paris accord that costs billions with no pay out and no de facto global cooperation addressing said issue, Pulled out of the appeasement deal with Iran that benefited ONLY Iran, moved the Israeli US embassy and now Palestine has called cease fire and is meeting with other countries in Egypt to address peace for that area. As for lying, at least his school and employment records are not sealed. Can’t believe anyone can point to him and call him liar while still supporting previous presidents who are STILL lying despite being out of office. so…no. get your mind right and you’ll see he is doing the job well.

I was talking to a Trump supporter last night. And he thinks that Trump is doing a bang-up job. He told me that the American public are being duped by the hateful MSM who only want to say hateful things about him.
He ended by saying, “look, we finally have peace in Korea and it is all because of Trump”. At that point I knew that there was nothing I could say to drain the kool-aid out of this one.

These unpatriotic sycophants are not going to even hear your plea. Fingers in their ears and heads in the sand.