Trump Supporters Attacked, and Radical Socialist Politicians Calling For It?

Weather it is a woman out with her parents eating dinner. Or a mother out with her children.
Nothing is off limits to the far Left Wing Radical Democrats! The Democrats constantly talk about equality for women, but they forget to mention, that is only if you’re a Radical Democrat.
Now if you’re a Conservative woman, then your opinion doesn’t matter to them.
The Radical Socialist Democrats say that they care about the children, especially with the illegal immigration, and yet can attack a mother in front of her children with disgusting words.
So in other words they’re saying if they’re children of a Conservative parent or parents, then children don’t matter, but if a child is here illegally, and their parent or parents could be reunited with their children by simply going back across the border with them, then they do matter. Am I getting that straight Liberals?
The logic and hypocrisy amongst Democrats is disgusting, not to mention the morality!
I do not condone violence from any Conservatives towards any Liberals. I am here simply to try and get more Conservatives to feel like they have a voice, and more Conservatives should speak out(and not be afraid to do so!), and use their WORDS as weapons. Their logic. Their morality. NOT burning the American flag, or having violent protests. That is what the Democrats want. They want you to go down to their level of immorality and being irrational.

Womp Womp.

BTW, tl,dr.

Please spell things out for me. I’m honestly not up to date with all of the text lingo/slang/the way most kids talk now a days. They’re millinials for more reasons then one.
They can’t think for themselves. They’ve been raised on hippie music, weed/drugs, television, and basically are raised by electronics. The fact that the Democrats control these things mainly, and still couldn’t win an election, only shows me how amazingly smart Trump and the people around him are, and how incredibly stupid and naive Hillary, the Democratic politicians, and the mainstream liberal media are! lol

Flag burning? Neat, haven’t seen that non issue brought up in a while.

When was the last time did you see it? Do you deny that there are Democratic politicians calling to act out against Trump voters? and if you don’t deny it, what do you think about a politician calling for something like that? I’d call it immoral, and sick personally.

You’d call it immoral and sick if say, a politician was to call for violence against people who didn’t agree with his politics?

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I asked you first. I was talking about him and her. I think you left that part out.
Equality my friend. Equality.

Not since the nice lady caught herself on fire at the Trump rally.

“act out” is rather vague, so I wouldn’t be able to call it much of anything. But calling for violence, that’s more specific. From your previous posts I assume you would call that immoral and sick. Am I wrong?