Trump Supporter attacked in LA

All the new face of the democrats. You don’t debate with your fellow Americans about what’s best for America, you beat them. Kind of reminds you of how politics is done south of the border. Warning there is a lot of profanity on this video.

Too funny!



When the midterms pass and Rs gain more seats, it’s going to get even worse.


That’s quite a boatload of hyperbole. There are violent trumpers too. Get real.

Isn’t it getting to about the time for “liberals” to start claiming that Trump is going to cancel the elections?

You can’t find one incident even close to this by Trump supporters… At best you got one old guy from a rally, and that’s all.

You gotta admit that’s some funny ■■■■, right?

There’s more than a little james hodgkinson in all of today’s dimocrats.

Just stop. Your problem is that you hare Democrats. Nothing else.

No, the problem is the hate from democrats… Stop the denial.

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Nope. I know there are Democrats that are violent. I also know that there are Repulicans that are violent. See? I live in reality. Stop listening to right wing propaganda and maybe you can one day join the ranks of the reasonable people in society. Or you could just troll.

No, you have not produced anything like this by Reps. Yet, it happens over and over with dems. Your premise is wrong. Stop the denial…

So your claim now is that the Republicans will pick up House seats in the midterm? Feel like you keep moving your beliefs on that.

I’m really enjoying this “new face of the democratic party” talking point that’s been going around. It’s cute. Yet here we have Trump, who is the face of the Republican party. Like … clean up your own house first.

That fight looks mild compared to some of the fights I saw in high school - just saying.

Komrade Donald is kool.

You see that story about someone spray painting “Hail Trump” and “N****** Keep Out” on someone’s house?

New face of GOP or naw? Hard to tell, right? Hard to tell.

Our house is not beating up democrats for wearing a hat…

Those stories usually turn out to democrats too, We’ve seen that over and over.

So not the new face? Gotcha.

Just checking.