Trump supporter at Orlando rally arrested after skirmish with man and reporter

A man attending the Orlando rally was arrested after a film shot by an Orlando Sentinel reporter showed security guards at the place where the rally was to be held telling him backpacks and beer could not be brought into the location. The man, who was found to be intoxicated, then went up to Michael Williams, a reporter for the Sentinel, and smacked his hand for filming the skirmish. A Florida Congressman, Republican Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a frequent critic of the paper, later tweeted “MAGA” in response to a tweet about the incident.

The Sentinel issued a statement saying, "We are fortunate Michael was not hurt, grateful to the Orlando police for their quick action, and proud of all our reporters for their courage and dedication to our community,” the statement read.

Violence against journalists is disgraceful. The man should have been arrested. As for the Congressman, hopefully his next election will see him have to leave office.

who goes to a political rally drunk.

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he’s a plant

sounds staged

he was joking

what does this have to do with Trump anyway?


No collusion

That was probably his afternoon snack after his lunch beers.

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That’s the way libs are. Always attacking conservatives

Oh, wait…

First attack on a reporter for this campaign so far!

Trump may have found his next press secretary. Smacking a reporter just makes that resume shine.

When you continually demonize the media, drunk supporters and state representatives start to listen. What else should we expect. Bark enough and the sheep start to follow.

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It’s a Trump rally in Florida, so isn’t the question really who doesn’t go drunk?

And to be fair, drunk is the only way to be while sitting through a rally that finds the sweating orange man attempting to put sentences together.


Didn’t take long.

Teddy Kennedy


Congratulations. You found a drunk in Orlando.

Is it any worse than violence against anybody else?

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You forgot…Antifa!!

A harder question to answer is what didn’t Ted Kennedy do drunk?

Well this is big news, intoxicated man gets in a fight.

Whataboutism! Whataboutism! Whataboutism!

What do you libs think we should do with Trump supporters. I know over at CNN sucks a reporter said we need to start holding Trump supporters accountable.

So how are you going to do that? Put em in concentration camps?

Inquiring minds want to know.

We can put them in “detention centers” right outside of the place they want to be the most… like a Trump Rally, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or a Gun show.

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Never suggested any such thing. Why are you asking? Sounds like you want to start a war?