Trump sues Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for "violating the First Amendment"

Publicity stunt. Not a chance he will win. Doubtful it will see trial.

Just Trump keeping his name on his followers minds. “Taking it to big evil corporations in a valiant fight for ‘freedom’” sort of thing. Trump has made a career out of these stunts. Usually against those with much smaller pocketbooks and the desire to keep out of the public eye. Pretty much the exact opposite of these three companies.

His track record hasn’t been great in court recently. I guess the good thing is that when you’re batting .000 you can’t get any worse.

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I suppose the current method of response to the court would be the losing side increasing the size of the court as soon as they have the power to do so.

This won’t get anywhere near the Supreme Court.

It won’t even get to trial in the District Court.

He could win billions if not trillions! What a great return on the investment of your donations now!

He doesn’t have any more of a case than people who have been kicked off these Hannity forums.

:point_up_2: bingo

It’s just for show. To get his base continued support. The goal is not to win or any where close.

Even lawyers with AOL email addresses?

What does “violating Constitutional free speech” mean to you? What is covered under the 1st Amendment?

This has nothing to do with First Amendment rights. It’s about the use of social media platforms. And what Trump doesn’t seem to get is that it is their sandbox and therefore their rules.

Trump was always fascinated by religious hucksters and how they were able to fleece their followers. Apparently learned enough to put it into practice.

He doesn’t care. All of his legal bills are being paid for by the campaign. So as long as those contributions keep coming in he is flush. I do hope that his Lawyers are smart enough to get paid up front.
And between this case and the tax fraud cases, my guess are that there are going to be some Lawyers who get to take a step up on the car they drive or the boat they own.

Years ago Mike Douglas had a Televangelist on his show. At one point Douglas asked him, “Why are you wearing a $600 suit and a Rolex”? Televangelist; “Because the people would not follow a poor man”. Douglas; “They did 2000 years ago”!


Me too, libs are always on Trump like stink on poop. :rofl:

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I always love this take. Its the perfect defense…Trump or some Con does something asinine. Dems calls them on it. The act of pointing out the stupidity means the Dems are triggered…

“If do right, no can defense”… Mr. K. Miyagi

Good analogy…Trump is pretty close to poop as a person anyways. :poop: :rofl:


Exhibit (D) :rofl:

Well…if you throw up softballs like that…someone is gonna hit them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone please explain the First Amendment to TFG, please.

Some will have to get on it.* :wink:

They aren’t free, you haven’t figured that out yet?