Trump sues the NY times

clamis an oped was false and defamatory

discovery ought to be fun…
heres the original article hes suing about

the article about the lawsuit

Especially since discovery works both ways

The press should be held accountable for not printing purposeful lies.

Huh? You think there is a deep state

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Will the NYT be able to call Trump as a witness?

Twump gets his fee fees hurt over an opinion piece lol.


The party of pouting

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I don’t see it. If the article had made a false statement of fact, like “we saw Trump and Putin sign a contract to help Trump in return for Ukraine”, then yes. But for coming to a ridiculous conclusion of a conspiracy based on the authors bias and poor judgement?
No. I defend Dem posters rights to do that, whether on an online forum or in the NYTs.

How do you reckon Trump would go as a witness?

It is amazing to me when a billionaire president tries to portray themselves as a victim.

Well, the attempt on Trumps part isn’t the amazing part, the amazing part when it succedees and a good number of folks think that a billionaire president can be a victim. My thinking is that unless its a situation that involves holes in the body, a president can’t be particularly victimized. I’d use a different word.

even then that wouldn’t be liable.

Obama should sue Trump for birtherism


This is such a stupid lawsuit. An opinion piece from before the Mueller report, being sued for being straight reportage because of the Mueller report.

He’s got 'em this time! :smile:

While the lawsuit may be without merit, I don’t agree this is a stupid move by Trump. its just the sort of unwinnable action that revs up his supporters sense that “the system” is so unfair to people like them and it probably is a good item to fundraise off of.