Trump sues New York State AG to block release of tax returns

The most transparent administration ever…lol. I wonder what he is so afraid of people seeing?

A delay… nothing more because it’s all he has…

What is he hiding?


What…Trump won’t allow his tax returns to be examined by the whole world? Orange man baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaad…wait for it…talk to me Goose…amirite? :sunglasses:

Yes, lying to the american people is in fact bad.

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That’s what the IRS is for…amirite? :sunglasses:

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What’s your analysis on the jurisdiction of federal courts in a purely state issue?

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You mean the agency he’s in charge of?

Ah, I forgot the Trumper oath: Must. Defend. Trump.

Why won’t Trump release his tax returns like he promised that he would???

Can’t get on the ballot in California now without releasing your tax returns soooo

We all know what he’s hiding.

if Trump is being audited every year because he is a christian then we should investigate and find out.

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That he is so humble that he doesn’t want people to know how much he gives to charity?


No - as a former employee of the IRS, I can tell you that the mission of the IRS is to collect taxes and enforce the tax laws (sometimes in cooperation with other agencies). There are strict rules for privacy within the IRS (the violation of which will certainly lead to termination, and may lead to criminal prosecution), and authorization to release information generally has to come from either very high up in the organization or from an outside entity (such as a court) if the taxpayer doesn’t explicitly give authorization to release it. I couldn’t even discuss taxes with their CPA or representative without an IRS power of attorney duly signed by the taxpayer.

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We’ve already seen exactly what will happen, based on prior releases of his information. DEMs will simply cherry pick those items they deem to be most embarrassing and the compliant media will splash those items on their front page.

I really isn’t about legislative oversight at all, it is about maximizing their humiliation of Trump. Nothing else matters. Trump must be destroyed at all costs.

You damn right it is and its everything you guys deserve

Trump won’t win CA so he may not release it, not be on the ballot, and then milk it as victim for all he can.

More likely he will sue.

He’s not in charge of NY state AJ. The woman was voted in by the state, not placed by trump.

Didn’t he say he was the “most transparent president in history?” Well, I’m glad I won’t be seeing his name on MY California ballot. (states rights)

Lol. That he’s only worth like fifty million or so.

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Well, that’s why the best thing is to release the full tax returns for all to see. Right.