Trump Stuns Grieving Britons: Meet the Suspect in Your Son’s Death

What a sick pile of ■■■■■
He wanted a photo op just like the one in El Paso.
I’m glad the son’s family did not get suckered into the sad little game he was playing.

Whoever, how every many there are, that thought this was a good idea are idiots.


This was nothing short of an ambush orchestrated by fat donald, he even invited the press to take photographs.

This story for obvious reasons has a lot of traction back home.

What seems to be the most galling is that the couple ran out of the country in secret at the first opportunity after telling law enforcement they would not.

It was an accident, she was new to the UK and made a mistake driving. She should have faced up to her actions. She would not have gone to jail or anything like that.

Even after all these years I sometimes get a UK flashback and drive on the opposite site of the road.

Now the familiy is asking for judicial review to determine whether or not she has diplomatic immunity. Not sure what they hope to get because diplomatic immunity seems pretty black and white but I am not expert. I will leave that to the other googlers.

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The reality tv President. What a turd.

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That’s pretty ******* creepy!!!

Is POTUS wanting a Dr. Phil moment??

I feel terrible for these poor parents. That grief must be crushing…to lose a child.

This is what we get for allowing conservative America to choose a reality “star” scumbag as President.

No class. No decency. All about the shock value.


He has no soul. There’s just nothing there.


Un ■■■■■■■ believable.

In an interview on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday, the Dunns admitted to feeling “a bit [of] pressure” from Trump, noting that “he did ask two or three times” but “we stuck to our guns.”

Imagine the kind of incompetent team that thought this would be a good idea and then take solace in the amount of power they wield to do real harm.

■■■■■■■ horrifying.


This makes me want to cry. That poor family.

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Now there is an interesting statement. Very telling.

Hires only the best.

Donald apparently pressured them two or three times after they initially refused. Idiot in Chief.

He’ll tweet attack them now.

Yeah, he don’t. He’s horrible at building teams.

It’s pretty common for people with NPD to have little to no capacity for empathy. Makes it extremely difficult for them to understand how their words and actions can be harmful to others.


Not if you provide the entire quote in context.

Yeah, it is. Very interesting. “We”. “Allowed”.

The conservative base of this country absolutely adores Donald J. Trump. The only thing interesting about that is how patently desperate the effort is to claim otherwise.