Trump storms out of 60 minute interview

Pretty funny.

I don’t really see what the ‘tough questions’ Stahl promised were. Seems like Trump just got pissed that she wouldn’t play along with Handsy Guilianni’s ■■■■■■■■ october surprise.

If trump can’t handle 60 minutes, how can he handle the presidency?

Yet for some odd reason his supporters still think the delicate snowflake is a strong, alpha male


Stickin’ it to the libs somehow, I bet.

The tough question of asking how. Man he is so weak.

The guy couldn’t handle Lesley Stahl? What is she, like 113 or something?

She’s a woman, too, I hear.

Poor dude couldn’t handle it.

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Amd he looks very tired and droopy…

Low energy. There’s a pill for that.

My favorite part is he released the unedited video, which actually makes him look worse.

CBS was being kind with their editing.


He did not storm out.

See the interview on Youtube. They couldn’t believe that the President released it. Raw and uncut. LOL

The best part was when Kayleigh McEnany brought a copy of Trump’s Health Care Plan in and gave it to Leslie after the President had lgone. Leslie asked Kayleigh if he was coming back and she said no.

The copy was HUGE. :joy:

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He did too storm out. After whining about how unfair she was.



She told him to be careful on the way out. ROFL!

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He did not storm out.

I watched in on YouTube yesterday. Before it was cut.

It was a big book of blank pages…

Which sums up his healthcare plan…

That title is fake news. I didn’t expect anything else.

Yeah that didn’t have the effect they thought it would

You mean when she lied and provided what she claimed was Trump’s healthcare plan, but in reality was not? Yeah, really hilarious stuff. All of the folks who have pre-existing conditions and are scared ■■■■■■■■ of losing their healthcare coverage are just laughing their asses off at this one, I’m sure.

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Yes it was a huge book! Had to weigh at least 10 lbs. I wonder what’s in it?