Trump Statement on the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Tuesday, November 20, 2018. Remember this one kids - the day that America officially ceded any moral authority it once had.

We’d execute a cop who took bribes to allow an assasination. Trump is no better.

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Grotesque, but wholly expected from these people.

A green card holder living and working in America gets lured into a Saudi consulate, murdered, and then butchered like an animal. The Saudis spend weeks coming up with lie after lie, each more implausible than the next, only to finally admit they killed him.

Today, the response from America’s leader, is basically ¯_(ツ)_/¯ MAGA!


Disgusting. And I genuinely wonder just how much, if not all, of this abdication of our role as a global leader of values and morality is because of Trump and his family’s business dealings with these people. That’s how horrible of a human he truly is.

Way to go America. Add this to the stain on our nation’s soul.


Now, imagine if this was a green card holder living and working as a journalist for Fox News and gets lured into a Pakistani consulate and then butchered like an animal.

I guess that depends. Are we talking about an actual journalist or someone from one of the opinion shows? Trump’s response would no doubt be very different.

our president doesn’t even pretend to care.

except about the invasion.

As NF suggested, I wonder how much of Trump’s diplomatic impotence towards SA is driven by personal gain? Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does.

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Trump might as well have killed him himself.

What do you want him to do?

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I guess it is true that we have yet to reach the bottom with regards to this horrendous administration. How anyone can continue to support this man is just beyond me. Ignorance is all I can rationalize at this point. Pure, unadulterated ignorance.

Figure out a way to never say “maybe he did, and maybe he didn’t!” again while bringing up the Saudis considered him an enemy of the state.

That’s it? You’re mad because of the way he talks?

This jerk chants ‘lock her up!’ about HRC, mocks american war heroes on the reg, and then, when told about a brutal killer, says ‘maybe he did, maybe he didn’t’.



So, our intelligence agencies tell us this guy ordered it.

Trump says ‘maybe he did, maybe he didn’t’.


It is not ignorance… they know exactly what trump is and embrace him fully…

All, literally all, they care about is upsetting “the libs” and will support anything and everything that achieves that goal…


Walk the walk for once in his wretched life.

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Maybe it is the optimist in me, not wanting to believe so many fellow Americans could be this horrible also. But perhaps you’re right, and I’m just naive.

How? What specifically do you want him to do?

Mike Pompeo was just asked if the US was placing business interests over human rights. His response was that it was all about national security.

So the guy who was Director of the CIA is totally with the administration’s spin cycle. He seems fine with the administration putting Saudi propaganda in their press release.

All of this begs the question of what leverage do the Saudi’s have over Trump and/or his family?

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Absolutely. January and Congressional oversight cannot get here soon enough. These are all just horrible, horrible human beings.