Trump State Visit to the UK

I wonder if he will mention, in his D Day speech in France that we never asked them to pay for it and that very fine people, on both sides, died that day?

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I can hardly wait to see if he steps two inches too close or too far from the glorious Queen so our Dem media and internet posters can freak out about it.

Just as the Rep media did every day to Obama.

I never thought someone could be more gauche than Obama (giving an iPod of his speeches to the queen, wrong kind of DVDs, etc. etc) but Trump has done it.

She did it two years ago, apparently. When he first started his Presidency and his absurdities weren’t as well known.

Well, either way, he is there by invitation and that answers the question I was responding to.

Who is more sensitive to press criticism?

Russell Westbrook or Donald Trump?

He is a coward and a bully so no he wont be unloading on anyone except of course via twitter.

Lol the image you have created in your mind about Trump is hilarious.

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And not until after he leaves.

I was thinking the same thing.

Don’t give up your day job Sparky, you’re no that clever…

Obama The Narcissist loves to hear himself speak so much that during the Royal Banquet with the queen he continued to speak while the national anthem was playing what a buffoon. The queen just ignored him. He was trying to be all cool and Suave but wound up looking like the idiot he is.

That’s the beauty of the question - no cleverness was required.

With Trump, it could very well be a serious question.