Trump Staffer Says He Recruited Lobbyists for Russian Oligarch

"Two lobbyists—speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the matter—told The Daily Beast that Gelbinovich approached them and told them he was trying to help Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch worth more than $11 billion, find a lobbyist to help keep him from being added to the Treasury Department’s sanctions list.

Gelbinovich confirmed this reporting.

“I approached the lobbyists on behalf of a private equity firm that requested outreach for this type of work,” he said in an email to The Daily Beast. “The firm claimed that this outreach was on behalf of the individual you mentioned. I do not have a direct connection to Mr. Abramovich myself."

That’s some weird stuff. Why would a US citizen care what Russian companies are hit with sanctions?

With favor I can make my own money

I hear if you go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, look towards the mirror and say “collusion” 5 times, vladimir putin will appear.

I bet you try that one a lot.

It’s how lobbyists make their money. All they have to do is register as agents of a foreign government and it’s all legal. They just do what they do for American Companies for a Russian Company.

You wouldn’t believe some of the things people do for money…and this is one.