Trump spying and the flip

So the big thing lately is trump once again thinks Obama spied on trump during then election…which we know isnt true.
Now what you will. See is actual abuses from trump of using the CIA FBI etc to look into people running against him.

See Biden.

We will quickly discover that everything Trump stated, about being spied on by Obama, will turn out to be accurate. Trump certainly is in a position to know the truth and he now as an AG who will pursue it.


How would Trump know if he was being spied on? He certainly has offered no evidence.

He didn’t at the time he was actually being spied on, because he wasn’t President. Do you doubt for one minute that he would be clueless today about what happened?

We don’t know it isn’t true. There is tons of evidence that it happened. The dems are in a mad rush to impeach Barr before he can uncover just how deep the corruption went.

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The last thing i would ever accuse Trump of is being clueless.

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So he didn’t know he was being spied on when he wasn’t president, but now that he is president he knows he was being spied on when he wasn’t president? Has he offered any sort of evidence? And yes, I think Trump is clueless about many things.

Things can get kind of interesting with the elderly. My mother is about Trump’s age, and has recently been diagnosed with dementia. One of the ways we kind of figured out something was majorly wrong was that she was convinced that someone was spying on her via her phone.

We went to huge expense to have everything tested. She wouldn’t believe us, wouldn’t believe the PI we hired, and wouldn’t believe the police. There was nothing there.

Then, she started hearing voices and seeing things that weren’t there. We finally managed to get her to go to the doctor - sure enough, it was dementia.

I have to wonder if something like this is going on with Trump. Some of the symptoms are just way too similar. Watching him is almost like watching my mother when she’s not taking her meds.


He mentioned being “wire tapped” during the campaign. I would recommend patience. Barr needs to be left alone to get to the bottom of it. The dems should wait for the results without obstructing justice. Yes?

Oh yes. More patience for all the investigations. :roll_eyes: How are the dems obstructing justice?

We already know what happened…

What’s taking so long? How many years and millions of dollars will Americans have to sacrifice for this witch hunt?

Oh that’s very sad about your mom. Sorry!

I think there have been definite signs that Trump’s mind is slipping.

That’s what we said during Trump/Russia. And we were right. Now it’s our turn and the A.G. thinks there was something creepy going on in the DNC and FBI. Should his investigation be stopped?

And we were right with what happened…I just dont defend a criminal

So what are you going to do about it? Elect Biden who’s mind is already shot?

Biden been saying his dad was born someplace he wasn’t? More than once? Oranges, anyone?

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What is the criminal behavior you are referring to? Trump/ Russia again? :rofl:

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The evidence will be coming out as Barr investigates.

Don jr being too stupid…they should have been charged for destroying evidence as well…