Trump Slaps Ugly Unfunny Bill Maher

Its hard to say.

Rush claims to be an entertainer.
But the 20M+ listeners believe everything that he says.
So, maybe he’s not an entertainer, but a political commentator. Maybe a policy advisor. Who knows.

Chevy Chase just made Gerald Ford look like an idiot.

But Gerald Ford was a man so he let it roll off his back.

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yes, he did. in comedy sketches

but he didnt go around wishing the US would suffer just so ford would lose an election but then chevy chase is a real man and not a whiny unfunny ■■■■■

i’ll add that i am no fan of chevy chase.

it is for you maybe, but not for the thinkingman

no, he did not

not to anyone who is affected by it

typical leftist arrogance on their part

If someone called me a blender?

Why would I “punch back”?

I’m not a ■■■■■■■ blender!

You are okay with a PRESIDENT that acts like a TODDLER or a TEENAGER when someone says something bad about him?

He’s supposed to be running the country!

He makes TIME to “punch back” over some stupid ■■■■■■■■■

THATS what he carved out his precious time for?

If someone told you your armpits were toxic, you’d “punch back”?

This is what you want in a Président?

Your side lost their collective ■■■■■■■ MINDS when Barack wore a tan suit!

Not to mention the threads here when he was photographed with his feet up on his desk (until folks started posting pics of republican presidents doing the same).

Regan, Bush, cClinton, Barack acted like adults with an important job and no time for petty ■■■■■■■■■

They acted like ADULTS and NOT like “Baby Huey” or a hormonal teenager, angry because there is someone out there that doesn’t like him and not kissing his ass!

You are actually EXCUSING this?

As “punchback”???

Doesn’t this ■■■■■■■■■■■■ have more important things to do?

He’s a thin skinned BABY MAN!!!

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If only people stopped making fun of Trump…

My “eye” has caught a lot of ■■■■ on TV’s!
In my home, at others homes and in streets.

I make a choice to watch or not!

It ain’t no “accident”!

Trump has so little self control that he can’t turn a ■■■■■■■ channel? That’s what insecure teenagers do!

That’s what you are supporting and defending?


Especially when I got serious ■■■■ to do!

And I’m only running a small business…
Not the ■■■■■■■ country!

Did you tweet and obsess about it?

Did it ruin your day?

Did it bother you?

Make ya angry?

Did you feel the NEED to post somewhere/ANYWHERE about it?

Was it so very hard for ya to deal with it?

Did you come here and start a thread?

You got OVER it!

It doesn’t give you “cause to pause” when the POTUS can’t control himself as well as you can?

What EXACTLY can you “see”?

That he surfed and couldn’t tear himself away from someone saying ■■■■ he doesn’t like?

Or that he continued to watch and then react like an immature

John Mulaney is pretty good. There’s currently some examples of his stand up act on Netflix.

Bill Burr?




unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.

involving or likely to involve violence or other unpleasantness.

“the mood in the room turned ugly”

সমার্থক শব্দ unpleasant, nasty, alarming, disagreeable, tense, charged, serious, grave, dangerous, perilous, threatening, menacing, hostile, ominous, sinister;

post 10 years from now:

“remember when thinkingman went on for years because bill maher made fun of trump?”

the media has these kinds of reactions to trump punching back as well

maher wasnt “making fun of” trump. that goes on around the clock by most media types, esp on cable news

maher was wishing for economic misery again so trump would lose election. thats not comedy. that’s politics. trump called him out on it, evidently since unlike leftist bubble ■■■■■■■ maher trump cares about americans.

nothing nails a debate like posting definitions from online dictionary. esp if they include hindi

Rotfl - thanks.

This is a great interview with Colbert about comedy in the age of Trump. There might be some mild swearing for those who really hate it or used to hate it.

“Heretic to reality” - that’s a great line.

Although having now seen Colbert and Cooper in the same video, I’m incredibly angry and triggered. I’m going to find a couch to lie down on and fan myself until the vapors pass.

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