Trump Should Unilaterally Appoint A Special Counsel to Oversee DOJ Election Irregularity; incl Mueller Investigation

President Trump should unilaterally appoint a special counsel to oversee and investigate the Department of Justice, FBI and Mueller investigation, and should by-pass the Department of Justice on the grounds that it is inherently and incurably conflicted. Jeff Sessions recused himself for all matters stemming from the Mueller investigation, even those matters that have nothing do with Trump-Russia collusion because Rod Rosenstein drafted the mandate so broad that general Attorney General powers were delegated to him, which some would argue cover any matters that are discovered, meaning Sessions’ recusal would extend to any such matters.

Rod Rosenstein is inherently conflicted and wrongfully not recusing himself. He was both a material witness in the firing of James Comey; he helped draft the firing memo, and he signed off on the fourth Fisc warrant, which we now know was predicated on an unverified dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, who had thenceforth been fired by the FBI, leaving Rosenstein completely conflicted, insofar as matters around potential obstruction of justice brought by Mueller against the President, and insofar as the investigation of the abuse of power, fraud and impropriety of the DOJ in procuring Fisc warrants to spy on Trump advisors. Presumably, the inferior officers would feel jeopardized if they besmirched their superior officers - Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Session, and therefore would be conflicted. No matter how far down the chain you go, the conflicts of interests in investigating the wrongdoing of the Department of Justice, and of Robert Mueller, including using the delegation in false pretenses as a tool to "find a crime", instead of investigating an "actual crime", and the use of such special counsel as a pretext for the ulterior motive of impeaching the President, a misuse of the office for political purposes, make it such that these potential wrongdoings cannot be adequately investigated by the Department of Justice, and the Department of Justice cannot be depended on to appoint a special counsel for the same reason they can’t investigate themselves - the entire Department of Justice is inherently conflicted. Therefore, the President should appoint a special counsel to oversee and investigate the Mueller Investigation for possible fraud, abuse of power and misuse of the special counsel to further a political agenda, and investigate the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA and NSA officials for which there is substantial evidence of abuse of power to further political agenda, and potential collusion with Russia, and the Democrats to meddle and rig the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

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The question that’s been asked here in Hannity Land for a long time now by myself and many others is…why hasn’t Trump already done this?

Yeah. Maybe Trump could find someone willing to turn a blind eye to all the campaign finance violations, bank fraud, and tax fraud. That’d be kewl for him.

I’m curious under what statutory authority Trump could do this?

Ah, a new member with a whole long spiel ready to go…

Simple answer: No he shouldn’t.

These types are coming here fast and furious. I am suspicious.


Interesting either she really is who she says she is and if that is the cases given the law she practices one has to wonder what has her so worried with people involved with banking fraud and over seas financing.

Or she was made up borrowing her name and picture.

Trump should get Putin’s help in rooting out the corruption in our government. When you have a problem to fix, you should go to the best.

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Trump has constitutional authority to do this under Article II.

Show us the specific text please.

Art II of the US Constitution:

Section 1.

The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

Note there is not power of inferior officiers such as the Attorney General.

I’ve always assumed he was being patient so as to not give the appearance of winning and then punishing his campaign opponents. That is the stuff of banana republics… and the Morsi kind of Muslim Brotherhood.

Define excutive power please.

Can’t wait to hear your expanded theory… Tell us more… :joy:

(question: what does executive power mean?)

US Constitution Art II
Section 3.

… he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States…

So he would just ignore 28 USC 503 and the various statutes that congress passed and create his own special counsel law?

Thus, he can commission a special counsel to oversee the officers that he believes are either corrupt or acting innappropriately… especially when they are conflicted… I just showed you the plain meaning of the US Constitution - if you reject it that means you reject the US Constitution – which is typical nowadays for the radical left Democrats…

Are you suggesting that fat donald should bypass congress so he can create new laws?

So he will create and fund it out of thin air… What funding will he use for this special counsel?

If the President determines that the laws cannot be properly carried out (becuase the DOJ is corrupt or confclits) then he has the constitutional power to appoint his own officers to do so. Statutes are inferior to the Constitution and never usurp the power expressly vested in the President.