Trump should Pardon at least 20,000 people

Maybe 300,000. He should let every non-violent drug related prisoner out.

Also everyone who is associated with him, including his family, & himself for any possible crime up to the time of his leaving office because the left is so obsessed & full of irrational HATE they will try to put them all in legal wrangling for years.

The war on drugs isn’t being won ANYWHERE.

Instead of prison, mandatory rehab till cured.

Make drugs legal, it will take the cartels out of it. Just rehab. There would no longer be any money to be made from it by the cartels.

I agree. He can’t pardon himself or anyone else for state crimes and any federal pardons will give New York a literal road map for it’s investigations.

At least it be limited to them. Like I said, HATE.

Hate, hate, hate. That’s the left for you.

I agree again. The war in drugs is another example of failed conservative policy

I really don’t care who’s agenda it was.

It was this loser

One Term President doesn’t deserve hate. Removal from office is all that’s required. Winning!


And the right loves it’s criminals

Committing crimes is cool if they upset libs!

We’ve entered the “burn it all down” phase of trumper grief.

Seems more like a Republican Party problem than a me problem tbh.


Hate, hate, hate.

We never left the burn it all down from the left for 4 years.

Reagan was a really good President. He continued the policies of every President before him on drugs. The former Presidents was even more down with it. Every President after him did the same.

I used to be for prosecuting drugs, but it’s obvious it’s not doing any good. Do you think it’s working?

Biden made sure they would get long prison times. Millions of black people in jail will tell you all about it.

Simply false.

Uh, what?

You aren’t as old as me.

Different time. Many people had very different opinions on drugs back in the 80s.

But as time has gone by we have become more educated and can accept we were wrong and need to evolve out thinking on all manner of things.

I used to be a flog em and hang em law and order person but as my kids grew up and I became more aware of the world my thinking evolved to understand that there is no one easy answer, its a hybrid approach and we have to tackle the causes of these problems not just the end result.

Pigs flying. We agree on something…

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LOL Happy Thanksgiving.

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