Trump should have used his 2020 slogan in 2016

So, I see that Trump’s slogan for 2020 is “Keep America Great.” Honestly, this would have been a hell of a lot better slogan for him in 2016 than the “Make America Great Again” slogan. That slogan was, quite frankly, an insult to the United States. The US was a great nation long before Trump came along. In fact, I’ve considered the US a great nation since I was a child. My parents thought the US was a great nation. Their parents thought the US was a great nation.

Honestly, I don’t know who came up with the brilliant idea of a slogan that implied the US wasn’t a great nation. The idea is almost as insulting to me as when Michelle Obama said she was proud of her country for the first time in her life. If he didn’t think the US was a great nation, why would he want to be president of the nation? This was one of the many reasons I refused to vote for Trump in 2016. I want a president who is proud of what this nation has done throughout history.

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I always was insulted by Trump’s slogan.

I have always have felt that America has been great, in fact, the greatest nation on Earth.

Curious if anyone really felt that America was not ever great and when was that.

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Trump hugged an American flag, how can anyone doubt his patriotism? :roll_eyes:


Cool. TDS thread #2 for June 19.


If anyone can point to a time in recent US history where America was not a great nation to reside in, please point it out. I just can’t see it. I love living here and being a citizen of this great nation.

Is this all the righties on this forum can come up with anymore? Just label anything you don’t like as TDS and make absolutely zero attempt to discuss it whatsoever?

I mean, I realize ignoring the ugliness going on around you is probably a very good coping mechanism, but the rest of us are actually interested in fixing this mess and don’t have the luxury.


Polly want a cracker


I have noticed this is the type of answer I tend to hear from some people when anything that might reflect negatively upon Trump or put him in a bad light is posted.

I bet you jumped on the “Hope & Change” slogan of Obama, didn’t you? If America was so great my question of bozo Obama was “why change it”?

MAGA is a response to the insult that was the previous Administration, dragging the country down to mediocre level to globally “fit in” to a warped world order. PC correctness gone a mock, the abnormal pushed as the normal, the “new normal” of jobs never coming back, the abomination of Obamacare, demonizing law enforcement, weakening the Military and so much more destruction. So if you don’t get the “again” part of the slogan you’re part of the problem IMO.

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I agree with this if you were a certain race (white) or ethnicity (male). There probably wasn’t a time when America wasn’t great if you fall into both categories.

When I see someone mention “TDS” and nothing else, all that really says to me is that they have no real defense for what they are seeing and have been trained by certain figures in conservative media to just blindly accept and defend Trump in all of his glory, no matter what.


The country has always been changing. That is a necessary part of human progress. Obama didn’t stand before the American people and claim he was the only person capable of fixing it’s problems. And he certainly wasn’t so arrogant to act as if he alone transformed a nation that was not great into one that was in the span of 2 1/2 years.

If this was directed at me, read the OP again. I was critical of Michelle Obama for making a statement that I found equally as insulting to this nation as Trump’s “MAGA” slogan.

It is unfortunate that the old board is inaccessible, because my posting history in that forum showed that I was just as critical of Obama as I was of Trump. Trump is just a disaster of a different nature. I opposed Obama due to his ideology. I oppose Trump for his childish behavior that is unbecoming of someone in the presidency.

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Why troll if you don’t like the thread?. Just move on.


Yeah, I’d agree with that. That’s why I specified “recent history.” Slavery was one giant stain on the nation’s history, and it wasn’t until the 20th century that women had the right to vote. So, I do agree there have been issues that have been problematic in the nation’s history.

Honestly, I think the period of the Trump presidency will also go down as one of our darker moments. But, the US usually corrects itself eventually. It just takes time on certain issues.

Do you not believe America was already great? Or was it great only when Donald Trump became POTUS?

I’ll copy what I posted in another thread:

Tomorrow there will be several more TDS-du-jour threads too.

And it’s only going to escalate as the reality of another 4 years of Trump sinks in.

There’s nothing to defend against.

Just a dog-pile of regurgitated hatred.

Every one of these TDS threads is a troll thread.

Don’t like when I point that out? Don’t read my replies.