Trump should give Chuck & Nancy a win

Trump should really give Chuck & Nancy a win. It isnt nice for him to win all the time.

Trump is going to ask for 2.5B tonight to deal with the Corona Virus. Nancy says it is too little, too late. Chuck says the govt needs 8.5B.

Trump should come out tonight and say upon further reflection Chuck and Nancy are correct. He will in fact need 8.5B

Once it is approved, he can send off the 2.5B that he wanted, and the other 6B remaining he can steer towards the wall. If anyone questions him about it, just respond that he is using the money for the wall to keep the virus out.



We MUST do this!!


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No no he can’t

Why? He steered military funds towards the wall. Better and easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Because it isn’t legal or Constitutional. I understand these things don’t really matter to Trump though, so maybe he will do that.

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The next thing he should do is to have the Border Patrol to check all crossers for any and all symptoms of the corona virus. Quarantine the crossers until we can be sure they do not have the virus.

I am impressed at how Trump supporters are delighted to embrace deceitful and fraudulent practices. Its a real insight into how Trump and his supporters operate.

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Nothing fraudulent or deceitful about it. Letting illegals come across with the Corona virus and it affects the whole country. Keeping unknown personnel with unknown health issues out of the United States should be a top priority.

Nothing wrong with barriers against infectious outbreak.

It would be a legitimate and welcome funding stream.


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Yes he could and perfectly legally.

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A wall, even one sea-to-shining-sea is not going to prevent the Coronavirus from making its way here. I do agree that we should be apprehending every single border crosser and quarantining them though. Use the money for real solutions. Not bumper sticker slogans that solve nothing.

That right there is what justifies the wall. How much easier to slow the crossers down than with a wall.

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As of today there are no cases reported in Mexico or Central/South America.

I concur. What about next month or the month after?

Marginally at best. We need to protect and defend our borders. But this is not 1420, it is 2020. Walls are easily defeated by simple tools like ladders, shovels, pay-offs to BP, large flood gates that require openings during rainy periods, etc. $10BB could actually be used to implement high tech security and monitoring, along with thousands of additional BP agents monitoring the border. This problem can be solved with a 2020 solution. But that is harder to fit on a bumper sticker.

As I stated in another thread, as someone who is about as far to the right as any here when it comes to illegal immigration and the very real problem we are faced with, I actually hope the damn wall is built. So in 3-4 years, when it becomes clear to everyone that illegal immigration is STILL a huge issue, then maybe we can get past the bumper sticker slogans and begin to implement real world, modern solutions.

At least you didn’t say the barrier was not INSURMOUNTABLE so it should not be built.

The benefits of having it are adding up.

Just add infectious outbreak in general if you don’t think Corona is up to the threat level. chuck and Nancy disagree…which is a good thing for this.


It is not insurmountable. But it will only have a negligible impact on the very real problem. It is a complete and total waste of my money and your money, all to make some people feel better or safer.

It is paying for itself in drug apprehensions.

No it isn’t.

Are you going to station a border patrol agent every 10 miles along the border? Are you going to built them each a building to stay in to wait for your high tech security to tell them that someone is crossing the border so they have time to catch the illegals and send them back over the border?
Because with miles and miles of unprotected border to watch if the agents are not within 30 minutes or less of the border crashers the illegals just got free entry into the United States.
If drug runners can pay border patrol agents to look the other way to allow drugs to come across the border. Is it not also possible for illegals to pay the border control agents to look the other way while they cross.
So like a good lefty who wants to pretend to shut down the border and stop illegal immigration you don’t want sections of wall to be built to funnel illegals to parts of the border that are easier for the border control to patrol. Fence that has been proven to curb illegals from crossing.
We have had your so called border control for my whole life and more and more illegals are allowed to come in. So we don’t have to wait to see that your solutions don’t work we have lived with your solutions to long. High tech. Code word for welcome to the United States.
Now its time to try a new solution. Hire more border patrol agents. Build more fencing to make their job easier. And also give them the tools they need to apprehend more illegals.
This is what a true conservative and someone who is far to the right on illegal crossings would really want.
.Knowing someone is crossing the border and watching them cross is not going to prevent one illegal border crossing if the border control agents don’t have time to get to the place they are crossing.