Trump shift 600 million from fighting terrorism to build his wall

Trump has order the Pentagon to shift 600 million dollars form the budget for military operation in Afghanistan to fund his border. wall.

WASHINGTON — The acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, notified Congress on Friday that he intended to shift $1.5 billion that had been designated for the war in Afghanistan and other projects to help pay for work on President Trump’s border wall.

The money from the Pentagon’s other programs will be the last that it moves to help build about 80 miles of fencing and barriers along the southern border, Mr. Shanahan said. The newest shift in funding is in addition to the $1 billion that the Defense Department transferred to wall construction in March from the Army’s personnel budget.


It isnt “his wall”, but the wall of USA, the Americans voted for. Trump doesnt need any walls on the southern border, as he has enough money to protect himself and his family on his properties or whereever he goes

It was a mistake to begin the war in Afghanistan. It was, and has been, a complete waste of time and money. If we had spent that money on building a wall in the United States 9/11 would never have happened. It’s too late to stop that tragedy, but a wall might save millions of lives in the future if we build it now.

I’m not sure what a wall on the southern border does to stop Saudi men living here from flying planes into tall buildings.

I like that this thread is right beside the thread of Trump losing a Billion $$$$ (while telling everyone he is a genius).

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It’s about respect. A giant wall shows the world that we’re not to be messed with. Airport security does nothing to address that. You’ll see how effective a beautiful wall will be after it’s built.

Apparently, there aren’t enough Americans around that want the wall enough to pay for it.

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Some soldiers will probably end up getting killed but there’s no way to directly tie that to this money shift so no one will care.

Trump is all about building stuff and putting his name on it. He’s about his own legacy and ego.

It’s baffling that the suckers haven’t figured that out yet.

Something tells me that if the $1 billion had actually been raised about $900 million would’ve gone to “administrative costs” before the rest was donated to build the wall.

Building a wall is helping to fight terrorism by helping to keep the terrorists out of the United States.

Why do you object to taking measures to help keep terrorists out of the United States?


Without a Fifth Column Media and Yellow Journalism [our MSM], the crisis at our southern border would never have grown to what now amounts to an outright invasion and threatens the general welfare of the United states.

Terrorists don’t know how to climb over a wall, dig under a wall, take a boat around the wall, or take a plane over the wall?

These terrorists must not be very smart.

Just out of curiosity how many of the 9/11 guys entered this country by illegally crossing the border with Mexico?

Just out of curiosity, are you suggesting no “immigrants” that are in our terrorism database have been stopped by border patrol agents?


It was May of 2019 when an ongoing invasion of America’s borders swelled to tens of thousands a month, reasonable force was not used to defend the borders of the United States, and America’s domestic enemies ___ socialists, communists, and Fifth Column activists ___ continued with their obstruction against securing America’s borders which led to the downfall of a once free nation.

Americans if they voted for a wall, voted on Trump’s promise that the wall would be paid for by Mexico.

It is a really tall wall.

Fighting terrorism is synonymous with building the wall and it’s a good thing this buck is stopping where it is. Trump is aware of this FACT.

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No, it isn’t.

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When is Trump going to starting building walls on the Canadian-USA borders?

Impossible. Mexico is paying for the wall.