Trump Sets Federal Spending Record + Yuge Deficit

Adjusted for inflation, Trump has officially set the spending record 10 months into the fiscal year - surpassing 2009 adjusted for inflation. 10 months into the fiscal year we are also running $800bil+ deficit.


Trump worshippers don’t care.

LOL libzes!!!


And people here post that he’s not trying to hurt Americans.

I know how “we” can cut spending and can all of us agree that this is a good start?

It is really going to be something else when the recession hits and the spenders will be clamoring for austerity.


Settle down everyone, 2020 is our chance as republicans to stop this!

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Buckle up, folks, the Tea Party rallies will commence at any moment now.


Who cares about the debt/spending? Think about the judges.

Lolol a mod deleted my pic of the Tea Party


Are they even still a thing?

I think Sean Hannity should resume his debt clock thing that he had on his show to put pressure on president trump and the republicans to fix this problem. He has a huge voice in Republican media and he should use it.


I was against bushes spending…I was Obama…trumps? Maga bitches!


It’s like fight club now…

@bluedogdem thinks the mods deleted the pic, but how can one delete a picture of something that isn’t real?


You used to care so much about this. And now you don’t.

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AOC should tweet something about cons and the debt. That will surely get them riled up and end the crickets

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We’ve known for 50 years the deficits would balloon as boomers retire. No one took any action to stop it. Dems would say you wanted to kill grand ma etc. They used to raise the SS and medicare taxes every few years to pay for it, but those taxes are so high now they just gave up and started borrowing. Other wise those programs would be taking about 20% of payroll, or more. Who knows?

Nice of them to point out the deficits, but has the house proposed any solutions?

The debt was doubled during Obama because of the housing crash which was caused by govt under Bush letting banks make crazy loans as social policy!

Wouldn’t matter what solutions Dems in the house propose. Moscow Mitch would defeat it anyways.
To quote Hillary “What difference does it make”?

How…when I clearly show you a cost cutting measure, you can conclude that?