Trump set to sign spending bill to avert government shutdown

No word on when the deficit or debt will be wiped out. Or even Trumpcare for that matter.

Am I wrong or was he going to shut it down if it didn’t have what he wanted?

Where the hell are the Tea Party Patriots when you need them?!!

Yeah, last time he said “never again”.

I’m sure there is a tweet about it.

You were not wrong.

Wait, are you saying that Trump lied? Getouttahere!

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Wiped out?!? LOL!

“Deficit hawks have gone silent, even proposing changes that would exacerbate the deficit. House Republicans introduced legislation this month that would make the tax cuts permanent.”

I guess fat donald’s border wall that US tax payers were going to pay for is a pipe dream now.

They’re pulling out all the stops to have something to brag about.

He can’t even get a single foot of suitable wall built, and want’s to shut the government down for money?

This is going to be the very last time he signs a bill without getting what he wants. This time he really really means it.

I don’t doubt there may be a greater chance of shutdowns when the Democrats take the house.

Yes, I could see that happening. It’s going to be interesting to see who holds the House after the dust settles from the election.

I was reading Republicans are trying to stir up the abortion issue to get the base out.