Trump sending more troops and weapons to the Middle East

Your Favorite President Me sending more troops and weapons to Jervanka’s Favorite Country Saudi Arabia. Need to protect the ultra-wealthy. The ones who provided the terrorists of 9/11.

Well done, Stable Genius.


Didn’t fat donald state not too long ago that he was pulling all military out of the Middle east?

He freed up a couple dozen from protecting the Kurds. Might as well send them somewhere. :disappointed:


Screw over the Kurds and help the House of Saud. Brilliant.

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This slavish devotion to Saudi Arabia is getting ridiculous.


In his great and unmatched wisdom, this is the right thing to do


But this isn’t a reason to be critical of trump…

Must be fake news.

50 troops in Syria to prevent our allies being slaughtered was too much to ask for.

This though? Totally fine.

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Are we still supposed to ignore his tweeting and judge him entirely on his actions?

I thought fat donald was tired of policing the Middle East…what the hell happened?

Killing a WaPo journalist is worth o whooooole lot of trump bucks

Redeemable by your local despot

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Trump is Cool

You got to be a rich business partner of Trumps or get dirt on a political opponent to be worthy of the MAGA military.

Hunter Biden was unqualified to sit on the board of an energy company, but Ivanka is totally qualified for this?

Weren’t we just hearing from Cons that it was OK to let the Kurds get slaughtered because Trump was keeping a promise to remove troops from the middle east?

AND YET … here we are sending more troops to SA.

Will a Trump supporter please explain this to me?

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Saudi Arabia helped us in Normandy.

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It’s her vast and wide knowledge of the marketing of faux-leather purses and her personal experiences in extensive cosmetic procedures that make her eminently qualified to oversee the disbursement of monies and men in service of Jervanka’s Favorite Country Saudi Arabia.

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