Trump says US must get 'tougher on street crime' in response to Philadelphia

It’s still early here :blush:

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I think we can be tougher, especially in this case. The guy was a well known drug dealer.

Nonsense is giving the potus crap about saying we need to get tougher in crime.

Laws don’t apply to them.

Also what’s funny how libs want to disarm the public from having the ability to defend themselves against #corruptblueline and other fascist law enforcement.

Which lib wants to ban all guns?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Wednesday suggested she supports a mandatory federal buyback program for assault weapons and criminal prosecution for gun owners who do not sell those firearms to the government — a proposal the vast majority of her fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have been reluctant to embrace.

Libs call ICE agents Nazis, fascist and cops KKK etc while trying to disarm the people from defending themselve from such people.

I don’t understand their logic.

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I didn’t see hand guns nor shotguns… So let’s try again… Which lib wants to take all guns

ALL libs.

It was in his post.

All of them, every single lib.

He knows. That’s why every post is a broadbrush.


The problem isn’t LEO’s.

It is lawyers, judges, and witnesses who fail to uphold justice.

We can do a better job without new legislation, just follow what we have more consistently.


Maybe libs can explain to me why you want to take away the ability to defend ourselves against Nazis, Fascist and KKK and #corruptblueline.

Trump had a plan for Chicago too. Like many of his plans, they only exist as an applause line and cult bait.

It makes sense if you want to destroy the US middle class and rule with a two party system of insiders and donors.


Maybe if Trump didn’t encourage their (KKK, natzis, white nationalists) behavior, those groups would continue to shrink. We wouldn’t have to arm ourselves against them.

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Again which lib is proposing getting rid of all guns?

I see Trump derangement syndrome is strong here.

Trump is all about the law and not about group vs group strife.

He includes everyone…that follows the law

Don’t like it?

Change the law. Work with the President or don’t?

The goal of D politicians has become crystal clear. Destroy unions and middle America by unfettered immigration.

They brag about now. A step forward.


Doesn’t matter.

The D are grabbing guns as hard as they can get away with.

The Philly shooter wasn’t legal and did not care.


Which lib wants to take all guns?

Did he say anything about white collar crime, tax returns or tax cheats?

This post is ridiculous.