Trump says US must get 'tougher on street crime' in response to Philadelphia

I believe you have completely missed the intended meaning and motivation of those two posts.

Pigs in blanket, fry em like bacon.

First I saw this.

Not reporting this is as bad as the actual taunting.


How about reporting the domestic terrorist attack on ICE in Washington as a “demonstration”?

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It was encouraging to see the turnout for Trump in new Hampshire last night.

In spite of all the orange man brain washing there were a LOT of enthusiastic supporters there. Best was when the vet who had cancer and got treatment outside the VA stood up and Trump told him he looked better than he did 3 years ago.

Of course Trump did his “fake news” line to the press corps. I wonder why they are even there except to pounce on mistakes.


It’s a perfect example of alternative facts.

The rhetorical smoke the D candidates are blowing up union noses has the most noxious of odors.

Didja see the New Hampshire rally for Trump 2020?

When are the D going to turn out?


Apparently not a lot of people did see the rally.

FOX played a lot of segments.

Its audience could see and hear the crowd that was there.

Too bad the fake media is afraid to even air a few minutes, lest their target demo see that not everyone despises the orange genius.

Meanwhile Biden gets some self inflicted PR wound advice to cut down on his campaign exposure time. Hillary must have gave him some good campaign staff recommendations. LOL.


Good on Fox. They are an arm of the current administration, so I would expect them to show the rallies.

Great. The Orange Idiot claimed that it set a record crowd. Why is it in every city he holds his rallies he claims that, when most of the time its not true?

The other media doesn’t give a ■■■■ about a rally. Who cares? They don’t show rallies of Democratic candidates. Its a waste of air space.

Again, who cares? I don’t think Biden is not going to be the nominee.
Hillary is a private citizen. She’s doing her thing, not giving advice to candidates. Time to let her go.

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Now you want a bigger police force.

DonniT keeps you dancing.

Keep em sand-licking thirsty.

The rallies are good comic relief for sure, but one gets dumber from listening to his sewage.

…and all you have in response is banal cat calls from your self-inflicted echo chamber…


Keepin em sand licking thirsty and listenin to their ladies lamentin.

'“self inflicted echo chamber” lol I’m at hannity forum.


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Turnout was over capacity. Here’s the overflow.

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It would appear that Trump acolytes like to see a petulant little child instead of a leader.

Thanks for posting this.

The enthusiasm at the rally was really an impressive sight.

Not surprised the press pool had some scripted empty seat photos for its enthusiasts to littler the internet with.


Here is video of same seats unfilled in the picture above, magically filled. I like the thunderstruck intro.

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I’m glad to see the seats were filled.
Wouldn’t want Trump’s ego to deflate.

Exactly. The lighting is a clear giveaway.

You could have Biden, Warren, and Sanders in a mud wrestling contest and not get 1/10th of the crowd.