Trump says US must get 'tougher on street crime' in response to Philadelphia

So we gotta get tough on street crime but gently ignore when unarmed people (not mike Brown) are shot up… #screwthecorruptblueline

So an appropriate response would be to let street crimes go unfettered?

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All for it if they actually go after the real crimes and not the petty ■■■■ that holds them up but gets them overtime…

That would imply we are currently not “tough” on street crime. Are you aware of our prison system statistics versus the world?

Why would you say that?

Trump is right. And street crime shoots up a lot of unarmed people, so your second concern would also be addressed by getting tougher on street crime.

No it doesn’t. No matter how tough we are now on it, we still need to get tougher.

And we do.

So more for-profit prisons? Murica’


Trump should declare martial law

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And yes it does, he claimed something about letting crime go “unfettered”, which is nonsense.

Laugh it up, libs.

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Its not funny, at some point you have to look at the results of our decades of attempting to be “tough on crime” versus the rest of the world and realize we have some fundamental problems.

Continuing to turn the dial up is not the solution.

Do you support for-profit prisons?

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Meh…throwaway line and nothing more…
Its about as filling as an empty cup…

Maybe he should follow what hillary and biden said about getting super-predators off the streets.

I guess people didnt know private prisons sued cause they didn’t have enough employees

Why should the leader follow that? That is some weird ■■■■ to type

prisoners/customers not employees

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I meant that in a sarcastic manner

Well at least he’s not encouraging police brutality again.


Look at the imprisonment rates in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama & Mississippi. :flushed:

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