Trump Says U.S. Will Purchase Crops to Offset China Losses

No…do you?

The other kink in the equation is specialty parts, like a specific fitting or screw which American manufacturers import to complete whatever it is they are producing.

So even buying local is not something which can be applied across industry.

Personally I have mixed feelings on these tarrifs, I believe China does need to be reigned in when it comes to trade practices. I dont see tarrifs beign a winning strategy, but hey we arent president so let’s see what happens.

Uh. Wat?

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The consumer pays the ■■■■■■■ tariffs.


We should never allowed all those eggs in one basket…specially when it’s dictators basket.

And I suppose to feel sorry for those that came dependent on that basket?

It would take years to build and outfit manufacturing plants. I’m not saying that we couldn’t do it, but it’s going to cause a lot of pain. And seriously, how many American or international corporations would invest (part with precious shareholder capital) billions in manufacturing within the USA?

You don’t feel sorry for the American farmers who are getting shafted here?

They are getting shafted for the good of the nation or something…

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You’re aware flags been popping up for over a decade now. They choice to ignore em just like housing market back in 08.

When knew it wasn’t sustainable back around 04 or so. About the time Bush was bragging that more people own homes then ever before during is reelection campaign.

so you disagree with Trump spending billions of your tax dollar to buy off farmers to keep them form going bankrupt.

I think that goverment has to do something to allow for market adjustment to take place…since it’s goverment fault for promoting it in first place.

What did American farmers do before the sales of grain to China taken place?


my company buys steel from china…

if we buy $100,000, we pay 100,000 to the company we buy form and $25,000 to the us government…

which we then slap a “tarriff fee” when we sell to our customer, who in turn raise the price to the consumer…

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they received money from the government to not grow those crops to not affect the us price…

Even sounds a little like socialism

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Gotta keep that corn price fixed.

Yeah he is going to use the $500 BILLION taxpayer money that is lost every year to China’s benefit to offset the interim trade negotiation damage to farmers with plenty enough left for other American needs such as infrastructure or even or a wall!

Taxpayers pay either way and if it’s in favor of the Chinese it’s just helping China and hurting America! President Trump is not kicking this can down the road, as other Presidents have, and can clearly see the negative long term impact on the country if we do not get a handle on the unfair trade practices with China who has a goal of world dominance in 30 years and America has literally been helping them to meet that goal for decades. :open_mouth:

so he is going to tax American companies 500 billion dollars give it to American farmers, and somehow that will show China.

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What $500 billion is lost every year to China?

I am confused as to what you are talking about.

Much like Trump they don’t understand how “Trade” works, they somehow think a trade deficit means they are losing money which isn’t true since you make money on every import from taxes.

That is what I find confusing.

It’s not like we collectively send $500 billion to China and get nothing for it.

We get $500 billion worth of goods.

So that is why I asked for clarification