Trump says Trumpcare will be here... after the next election


Does he really think voters are that stupid? They had all branches of government for 2 years and didn’t do a thing.

And now he’s doing his typical conman thing and trying to con the voters yet again.

But you have to admit it works. If I’m him I keep doing this stuff.


Snake oil sales man.

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10 Yeses.


Yes… The bigger question is… Are they?


Some definitely are. Others will be happy to parrot his lies.


Wait… what? He said after the election in 2016 that he had a plan ready to sign off on.

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Vote for us and we’ll totally do what you want us to and not gut all existing protections, we promise.

People are stupid.

Trumpcare was ready to go on day one and he was going to lower the national debt.

Please tell me that Republican media has not convinced voters that those 2 lies aren’t lies.

It seemed nobody knew healthcare; and the debt, were so hard.

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So - what happened to the plan that was ready to send over to Congress for passage on day 1 of his administration? Did I miss something? I haven’t seen that plan yet.


He’s a liar and a conman. Republicans love him for it.

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OP: Trump says Trumpcare will be here… after the next election

Yeah like the house will flip. Very little chance of that…

and there goes Trumpcare out the window


PS–Never mind that Trump has to win also. a dicey proposition at best.

True believers are going to believe.

He has nothing. I bet my pay check that he has nothing.
The GOP has had what…7 maybe 8 years to come up without an update and/or fix to ACA. Like most major legislation like this it’s not perfect, so an initiative should’ve been made to resolve the problems and grievances. BUT NOOOOOOO, politics was played and they still have yet to come up with something that is better. I also will bet, if they do have something it would be a carbon copy of what’s current, but with Trump’s name on it or some trash legislation that once again benefit insurance companies.

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The voters give him little reason to think otherwise.

Agreed. No way Trump has anything. He already said he had a plan in 2016 so maybe Trump supporters might be a bit suspicious this time around. Probably not.


A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

This thread is just more TDS. Trump has fulfilled his campaign promises. Gorsuch Kavanaugh. Wall incoming. Hillary’s e-mails are dripping. Deep state. I got mine, I don’t want socialism. Trump was clearly just joking and you frothing at the mouth libs are too stupid to get it. He’s just tweaking libs and that’s why I voted for him. Please don’t stop because Trump is cool. Venezuela.


It’s been a decade since the ACA was passed. All Republicans have ever been able to come up with are “solutions” that insure fewer people and cost more.


Don’t forget to flush.