Trump says Jewish-Americans who vote Democrat show "great disloyalty"

There used to be a word for it when non-Jews would call Jewish people stupid and/or traitorous. I can’t put my finger on it currently though. Hmmmm… :thinking:


that is a problem to be sure figuring out the specific wording
i am sure the solution will become apparent

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how does israel feel about trump?

Israel is NOT American Jews. So why, as a American who is Jewish, really care?
Israel does NOT speak for me.


Israel doesn’t vote in our elections, so personally, I can give two ■■■■■ how Israel feels about fat donald.


Imagine if Obama said that any Evangelical who votes Republican is stupid or disloyal. No conservative could have possibly had a problem with that, right ?

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Anybody who punches a time clock and votes Republicans are doing it against their best intrest


If you say so.

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Like clinging to your guns and religion?

Those are the good ones.

Anyone who voted for a Democrat is either stupid or they are anti-american. A vote for a dem is a vote to destroy America.

And there you have it. We are all to stupid to know what is in our own best interest :roll_eyes:

You said it, not me. Wouldn’t that make you more pro Israel than like eighty five percent of American Jews?

like all of the people of jewish faith who vote for a democrat?

Which we had to hear about every single day for like his entire presidency?

This thread is going well.



And that’s what Trump was saying about those 85%.

So you’re more appropriately Jewish than most Jews. That’s a fascinating ■■■■■■■ position to take.