Trump says Jewish-Americans who vote Democrat show "great disloyalty"

Fat donald is basically saying that the majority of American Jews (who vote 80% democrat) are stupid, disloyal or both. This should go over well.

I think that any Jewish people who vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty."

disloyal to whom though? The US? Israel? Trump?

Good question. I hope someone who knows trumpspeak can chime in and explain.

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I would say both.


I try to pride myself on honest debates. To always START with the assumption that the other person comes from a place of good intention. That i can disagree with them - but doesn’t mean the person comes from a bad place.
Sometimes I fail - sometimes i get caught up in emotion and let things get personal. But its not where i normally start and i try to catch myself. I often find myself re-thinking about a point in a debate days /weeks/ months even years later and think “NOW i get what they are saying”. I might still disagree -but often i might change my position a little bit as I always think there is more to learn from people that disagree with you then those that agree.

However -as I read this over and over again, think about it, etc… All I keep coming back to is…
What a A**.


That’s his problem.
This American Jew says he can go â– â– â– â–  himself.


Sounds like a guy that doesn’t just say whatever for fun.

why? be specific…

Do you, as an American Jewish person, have to be loyal to the current government of Israel? Would that be some kind of…dual…loyalty…


My guess. Trump is doing everything he can to make Omar and Talib the face of the Democratic Party, just as Democrats would have done if Roy Moore had been elected.

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And that involves send her back chants at rallies and “disloyal” Jews statements.

I would say that D Trump is especially qualified based on his own behaviour to speak specifically to a total lack of knowledge. Similarly, to speak specifically to great disloyalty of his own actions.

What does making Omar and Talib the face of the Dem party have to do with saying Jews that vote Democrat (around 80%) are “Disloyal”??
For the upteth time -Being against isreal policy is NOT being against Jews.

Sometimes to catch an antisemite you have to say the same things they do. That’s called winning.


that explains all of the fine people !


Yep, people that cry racism are the real racists. They just wanted to expose them.

Killer strategy. Overtly questioning the patriotism of Jews because they’re Jewish. Great look.


The president of the United States ladies and gentleman.

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Doesn’t matter anyway, does it, dumb Donnie? Google will just manipulate their votes anyway, right?

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I’m not sure I understand how this would work.

Is calling them traitors supposed to be outreach to Jews?

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