Trump says he will be Arrested Tuesday!

Depends on the letter after your name.

Patriot moat? Instead of alligators…hardcore MAGAs!

I’m considering we don’t know what, if any, the charge will be or what action will be taken as a result of that charge.

Massive gnashing of teeth by millions of MAGAs that Trump is the biggest victim the world has ever seen. Zero personal responsibility for being a ■■■■■■-potato.

It’s not what you’re saying…it’s what you’re not saying. I do admire your mastery of it…I really do.

What am i not saying. :grin:

So you’re not a lefty?

Lot actually…you don’t agree with what’s happening but you accept it to farther your aims. Now you’re not alone in that matter…I do it myself for my own reasons.

So you’re not fooling anyone…specially me. :wink:

I don’t want him in office. I don’t think this indictment will effect that though. I am not big on reading tea leaves on how the electorate can respond.

Why? What has Trump done to you to made your life so miserable?

That’s not the only standard. He didn’t make my life miserable. If he gotten on the plane i would have considered voting for him in 2024

His actions since. No thank you.

There you go again. :wink:

Actually, I don’t want him in office either. I believe someone else can carry the initiatives and principles that he espoused, but can do it without the drama and antics.

Having said that, if he wins the GOP primary, I will gladly vote for him over any (ANY) dem that is his opponent.


Yes i am non committal lol but that does mean that he didn’t make my life miserable at all. I don’t want him in office because of his behavior since losing the election.

Trump had exposed everything I’ve been saying about libs and federal government connections long before Trump decided to even run.

Trump has proven beyond any doubt what I said was true.

I now want to know what repugs are going to do about it. Ignoring it is not an option.

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I’m more concerned about senators like Liz Warren saying it’s criminal to protest a former president getting arrested but supporting Supreme Court justices families being intimidated and saying that’s what democracy looks like.the last three politicians sent to a hospital due to violence are republicans. Scalise was almost killed by a Bernie aid. When’s Bernie’s investigation into his rhetoric who ticks off people like James Hodgkinson?


You didn’t vote for him in 2016 why would 2024 change your mind? For me I’m tired of his child like name calling of anyone who opposes him. I don’t want him to run as much as the next person, but this isn’t the way. I also didn’t like him saying lock up Hillary either, I knew it would swing a Pandora’s box and here we are. Now each admin is going to use resources locking up the previous president. Biden is far from out of the woods.

No he hasn’t.

Again…or denial.

Yet this is exactly what is needed to once and for all to put an end to corrupted Globalist plot-aticians robbing the USA blind and twisting America into their hell hole.