Trump Says Fox News Has Become Unwatchable

I don’t know about unwatchable, but you’d think they would have learned their lesson about over-promising and under-delivering from the likes of maddow/cooper/cuomo…, when it comes to the russia investigation.

I still record and watch Hannity every night though. Tucker has been fun lately too.

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I have it on quite a bit during the day since the lockdown began and i’m working from home fulltime, it’s not bad

If money talks, what’s it saying right now? :sunglasses:

He’s just joking. To troll the libz.


Don’t listen to what he says, listen to what he does.

They don’t give me 24/7 praise! WAAAAH!

It’s times like these where I wonder how the Literal Biggest Whiner In The Entire World has so many people convinced he’s a tough hombre.

I guess it’s because victimhood plays well in the Party Of Personal Responsibility.


It seems Trump believes FOX owes him nonstop uncritical coverage.

Isn’t that what OAN is for?

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I can still remember a thread I posted during the 2008 election titled “I’m a victim, you’re a victim, he’s a victim, she’s a victim, (wouldn’t you like to be a victim too)” on the old board. It was in direct relation to obama’s coalition of victims he was building at the time. Many people were like, “what are you talking about?”

I’m glad to see it caught on. Sad to see it co-opted so poorly.

Another failed attempt rises to the surface.

OAN’s ratings are terrible.

Then they need to praise Trump more.

That’s how ratings go up, right?

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Smart money always bets on the winners. It’s how the rich stay rich and the poor chase the proverbial dragon.

What is this telling you?

I don’t think it’s completely unwatchable but there are a bunch of anchors that verge on unwatchable and that’s an easy fast forward fix.
I still watch Hannity, The five, Fox & Friends, Ingraham and sometimes Tucker.

I fear that most that dominate this forum don’t even watch Hannity and certainly don’t watch Fox News so any input would just be projection on their part.

Applying your logic, I’m smart? :sunglasses:

Its really ■■■■■■■ weird the president watches so much damn tv and brags about the amount of likes he gets on twitter.

Don’t ever forget that.

Actually it’s other way around. I believe that Liberal influence and knowhow to kill some business that doesn’t sing THEIR tune is growing and more people are afraid to say what they think in fear of losing ratings and support/advertisers.
There must be silent Trumpers who are afraid to lose bread and butter by going head to head with vicious Left who will destroy them if they do.

Fox News has always been unwatchable.

I find it to be watchable. I don’t listen to any one national news station all the time, but I did really enjoy the Crhis Wallace interview of Trump. Honestly, that was one of my favorite segments on a news station this year.

Low-hanging fruit.

Took someone long enough.

Glad it was you.

I mean, I don’t need to wait for the President to tell me what to think.

I knew years ago Fox News was terrible.

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