Trump said Russia was getting out of Venezuela. The Kremlin says that’s not true

“There have been no official messages in this regard from the Russian side nor could there be any,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

On Monday, Trump posted on Twitter: “Russia has informed us that they have removed most of their people from Venezuela.”

Somebody is lying. Should we trust our President or Putin?

Maybe someone should check with the State Dept or our IC.

I guess we’ll find out if Congress is getting the truth eventually.

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You know what’s sad? That I am unsure whether to trust the word of the Kremlin or my own President.

I’m sure Vlad wouldn’t lie to Donnie. :laughing:

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Sadly I trust the Kremlin over Trump :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Probably the safest bet is to trust neither one.


I trust him more then the peace of crap he replaced.

Yeah, Yeltsin was a mean drunk. Or are we talking about Medvedev?

Why are they famous for wanting to make America great?

I just can’t.

Never, never never trust Russia, ever.
Also consider where this story is coming from - The Washington Post, well known for spreading fake news.

We know you do. But you are being fooled.

You would think this would be easy to prove.

Either the US has official communiques from Russia on this matter or they don’t.

If they do…present them.

Simple as that.

Fooled like to dopetards that started the Russian collusion lie! :rofl:

The Russian collusion narrative was started to coverup the spying Obama had been doing since 2012.

Russia said very, very strongly that they are staying in Venezuela, and I believe them because Donald says when Russia says something very, very strongly he knows they’re telling the truth.

Putin is cool!

A coverup so obvious, and evidence so overwhelming, that Obama should have been arrested for treason years ago.

We can only assume Donald is playing eleventy dimensional chess here, and is biding his time for the right moment to move on this traitorous criminal cabal.