Trump said he will meet with Iran Pres with no preconditions


Unreal. You guys freaked out about this stuff for 8 years…now it doesn’t even get a thread.

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Roll tape 212 Jimmy!


i thought we were against this

Well we were. But then Trump, so its all good now.

Obligatory 1984 reference here

2011: Emboldening our enemies!
2018: Eleventy dimensional genius!

Total hypocrisy…no question but…it was a good idea back then and right now. Meet with your enemies.

I would have been opposed to Obama meeting with Iran with no preconditions - and a lot of the Trumpists’ heads would have exploded if he had announced he was doing this.

I’m just as opposed to Trump doing it. It will be interesting to hear how the Trumpists defend this one…


And I’m CERTAIN you were quite vocal with this opinion back then, weren’t you?

Well see, Obama woulda been trying his sneaky gay Kenyan Muslim stuff. But Trump is a real American so it’s ok. Or something.

Yet another thing conservatives are now for that they used to be against- add it to tariffs, trade wars, banging porn stars and paying them off with hush money, insulting our allies, demonizing the FBI and the press, and doubling our trade deficit. Cuz…MAGA!

I guess Iran has preconditions.